Toy Fair 2015: Back To Basics

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By Anisa Arsenault, Associate Editor
Updated January 30, 2017
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Image: Skip Hop

With one day to go at Toy Fair 2015 , we still have a lot to see. But after a weekend of dodging light-up boomerangs and power scooters meant for older kids, we’re happy to say that this year, it seems baby toys are getting back to the basics.

Don’t get us wrong; design is still innovative, and toys are more streamlined (and cuter) than ever. There’s just fewer flashy, techy, app-oriented products for the two-and-under crowd than you might expect.


Eco-friendly brand Green Toys is bringing back their block set due to popular demand. Made from recycled plastic milk jugs, these blocks are the perfect size for little hands to grip.  Available in June, $25.


Your infant will hone her eye for design while mastering hand-eye coordination with this Patterned Stacker from Kid O. Mix and match colors and shapes for long-lasting fun. Available in April, $30.


Manhattan Toy Company is revamping their Stella baby doll. This smiley plush toy is the perfect first doll for baby. And this new generation has a twist — each doll is lightly scented. The one shown here? Lavender. Available in March, $35.


Roll it, shake it, bite it or squeeze it — the multipurpose design is what earned this little Skip Hop hedgehog an award at Nuremberg, the world’s largest toy fair. Available now, $8.

Nursery Gear

Perfect for the crib or car, the Albert Mirror by Lilliputiens offers baby all sorts of stimulation. It rattles, crinkles, and the elastic tail is fun to pull. But let’s be honest; baby will probably be distracted by his own adorable face. Easily pop out the mirror and wash Albert whenever needed.  Available in the next few weeks, $30.

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