What Being Born in 2013 (the Year of the Snake!) Will Mean for Baby

Wondering what being born during the year of the snake will mean for baby? Trust us, it's nothing bad. We've got details on everything from baby's personality traits to future careers. Here's what to expect.
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Updated March 2, 2017
What Being Born in 2013 (the Year of the Snake!) Will Mean for Baby
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The sign of the Snake is considered the most intuitive, introspective and refined of all the animal signs. Snakes are cunning, intelligent and wise. Snakes are attractive, with a calm, cool and collected temperament. Snakes are competitive and work hard, while staying modest (so don’t expect baby to brag about getting straight A’s in school!).

A social butterfly

There are several different types of snakes in Chinese astrology, and 2013 is the year of the water snake. Expect to have a Chatty Cathy (or Chatty, um, Kent?) — water snakes are known for their ability to socialize and make new friends. While they’re very proud of their personal achievements, snakes are also thoughtful and considerate of others.

A dark side

While baby will be affectionate toward you, expect her to be less touchy-feely with strangers and friends. Snakes are known to give very little TLC to colleagues and business partners. Babies born in the year of the snake are proud, aware and, sometimes, a bit vain. Snakes dislike being interrupted, and they don’t like failing. The snake possesses the intriguing characteristics of being exciting, graceful and dark.

Some likes and dislikes

Stock up on red, green and blue baby clothes, because snakes prefer those colors. And get some gear for arts and crafts, travel and outdoor stargazing, since snakes enjoy astrology, painting, touring and photography. They’re also incredibly in touch with the world around them — so if anybody has a sixth sense, it’s your snake!

A successful future

Water snakes are lucky (especially when it comes to finances) and always seem to have money coming their way. And they’re also self-motivated. Snakes are determined to get what they want! Water snakes in particular are great managers and very organized — so you can look forward to baby being successful in business. They’re also extremely intelligent and have a wealth of creative ideas. Potential occupations include scientist, potter, jeweler, astrologer, painter, dietitian or maybe even analyst.

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A risk taker

Because water snakes are adventurous spirits and big risk takers, be sure to baby-proof thoroughly! And since snakes are known to dive headfirst into decisions without thinking them through, you might want to give extra lessons in budgeting and managing finances (they can’t rely on luck forever) once baby’s old enough to spend money.

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