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5 TV Moms Who Have the Mommy Gene (and 5 Who Don’t)

With new studies suggesting  motherhood is in the genes, we thought about the moms we know (or rather, watch on  TV) and wondered which ones were meant to be moms. Here are five women who got the role right, and five who should have passed on parenthood. Did we forget your favorite (or least favorite) TV mom? Let us know!

June Cleaver from "Leave it to Beaver"

It doesn’t get much better than June Cleaver. She raised two boys, while mastering hobbies like cake decorating, floral arranging, and needlepoint. And she did it all while wearing high heals and pearls.

Photo: Photo Credit: Bluegrass Special

Carol Brady from "The Brady Bunch"

Here’s the story of a lovely lady… Well, you know the rest. The mom of six managed to keep her house under control and keep a smile on her face. Granted, she did have some help from everyone’s favorite housekeeper, Alice.

Photo: Photo Credit: Wiki

Clair Huxtable from "The Cosby Show"

She was one of the first TV moms to have a career outside of the home, making her a role model for modern day women. Not only was she an amazing attorney, but she still made time to help her kids and hand wash all of Bill’s sweaters.

Photo: Photo Credit: Okay Player

Maggie Seaver from "Growing Pains"

It takes a lot to raise four children, especially when one is bad boy Mike Seaver. But it takes even more to adopt a homeless boy shortly after you’ve had a baby.

Photo: Photo Credit: MamaPop

Claire Dunphy from "Modern Family"

She may not be perfect (she’s left two of her three kids on the side of the road). But she has no problem making a fool of herself to protect her kids (Slow Down Your Neighbors!)…and occasionally embarrass them.

Photo: Photo Credit: IMDB

Livia Soprano from "The Sopranos"

We understand that Livia was angry when her son sent her to the nursing home. But we don’t understand why she had to put a hit on him. Couldn’t a time out have done the trick?

Photo: Photo Credit: HBO

Lucille Bluth from "Arrested Development"

Between her crude comments about daughter Lindsay’s weight and signing son Buster up for war to prove a point, we think Lucille should have opted for nursing drinks over children.

Photo: Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Nancy Botwin from "Weeds"

We won’t deny that Nancy loves her children. We just think she could have made a better career move to support them.

Photo: Photo Credit: Buddy TV

Betty Draper from "Mad Men"

Having a horrible mother herself probably did help Betty parenting skills. But that’s no excuse for neglecting and abusing your own children.

Photo: Photo Credit: AMC

Victoria Grayson from "Revenge"

As a parent, you’re not supposed to have favorites. But this mom had no trouble telling her therapist (and the rest of the Hamptons) that she wished her daughter was never born.

Photo: Photo Credit: IMDB
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