Twinning for the Win: 33 Best Twin Halloween Costumes

These dynamic duos show that the best things (and Halloween costumes) really do come in pairs.
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By Cassie Kreitner, Senior Editor
Updated August 18, 2017
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Image: Courtesy Etsy
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If you’re already prepping for the spookiest time of the year, you probably know that Halloween costumes for twins can be hard to come by. Luckily, we’ve made the ultimate inspiration board for the cute and creative twin Halloween costumes of your dreams. Whether they’re for boy-boy, girl-girl or boy-girl twins, here are our favorite store-bought options for the best twin Halloween costume ideas. Regardless of whether your family will be trick or treating at a social distance this year or celebrating at home, these getups will get plenty of use for Halloween and year-round dress-up fun.

Twin Baby Halloween Costumes

The best baby and infant twin Halloween costumes are ones that play off our favorite dynamic duos. Whether you’re going all out with miniature wigs or opting for clever onesies, we’ve curated our favorites below.

Image: Courtesy Buzz Bear Studio

Mustard and Ketchup Costumes

Your twins will look downright saucy in these Heinz onesies, which have snaps for easy diaper changes. Have a furry child too? Dress your four-legged family member in a hot dog costume to complete the look.

Buy it: Buzz Bear Studio Premium Ketchup and Mustard Outfits, $42 for the set,

Image: Courtesy Disney

Mickey and Minnie Costumes

You can’t go wrong with a timeless Disney costume. Your babies will look adorable decked out like Mickey and Minnie in their twin Halloween costumes.

Buy it: Disney Mickey Mouse Costume for Baby, $35,; Disney Minnie Mouse Costume Bodysuit for Baby, $25,

Image: Courtesy Carter's

Avocado Costumes

It’s likely that one of the first foods your twins tried was (or will be) avocados. Pay homage with this super-cute zip-up Halloween costume that will look even cuter as a pair.

Buy it: Carter’s Little Avocado Halloween Costume, $22 each,

Image: Courtesy Love Loyal

Copy and Paste Costumes

Just in case you forgot your identicals are carbon copies of each other, here’s a pair of funny computer-inspired “copy” and “paste” onesies. Bonus: They come in four different colors.

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Buy it: Love Loyal Copy Twin Baby Bodysuit, $17,; Love Loyal Paste Twin Baby Bodysuit, $17,

Image: Courtesy buybuyBABY

Star Trek Costumes

Set the stage for your newborns to live long and prosper—and have a lifetime of great twin Halloween costumes. Make their first Halloween one you’ll always remember with these Star Trek twin baby costumes.

Buy it: Star Trek Newborn Spock Halloween Costume, $25,; Star Trek Newborn Captain Kirk Costume, $25,

Image: Courtesy The Costume Cafe

Milk and Cookie Costumes

When looking for twin baby Halloween costumes, it’s a good idea to think of two things that naturally go together. And what’s sweeter than this drink and dessert pairing? Your twins dressed up as the combo, of course.

Buy it: The Costume Cafe Milk Cookie Baby Twin Costumes, starting from $120 for the set,

Image: Courtesy Pottery Barn Kids

Winnie the Pooh and Friends Costumes

Transport your duo to the Hundred Acre Wood this year in these plush twin Halloween costumes. One twin can be Winnie the Pooh and the other can be Piglet, or you can opt for their adorable BFFs, Eeyore and Tigger, too!

Buy it: Pottery Barn Kids Baby Disney Winnie the Pooh Halloween Costume, $69,; Pottery Barn Kids Baby Disney Winnie the Pooh Piglet Halloween Costume, $69,

Image: Courtesy Monarch Dancer

Wolf and Fox Costumes

Love a good woodland theme? We do too. Which is why we’re aww-ing over these crochet fox and wolf twin baby costumes. Go with two foxes, two wolves or one of each.

Buy it: Monarch Dancer Twin Baby Fox and Wolf Costumes, $72 for the set,

Image: Courtesy California Costumes

Pirate Costumes

Argh matey! Trying to hunt down cute and affordable twin costume ideas can be tough, but these baby pirate costumes are a true treasure.

Buy it: California Costumes Baby Boy’s Pee Wee Pirate, $19,; California Costumes Baby Girls’ Petite Pirate Infant, starting at $15,

Image: Courtesy Hyde and Eek!

Pumpkin Costumes

Two kids can be twice the challenge, so if you’re looking for easy twin baby costumes, these soft bunting costumes are sure to make your new kiddos the cutest pumpkins in the patch.

Buy it: Hyde and Eek! Boutique Baby Pullover Pumpkin Costume with Hat, $20 each,

Image: Courtesy Jojo’s Bootique

Chick Costumes

What’s cuter than a baby chicken? Two baby chicks! All the mother hens around will be clucking over these adorable twin Halloween costumes.

Buy it: Jojo’s Bootique Twin Chicken Costumes, starting from $255 for the set,

Image: Courtesy Perfect Pairz

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costumes

Your little ones have a knack for getting their hands into everything. Oh the things they bump! Oh the things they hit! But let’s be honest—we like it more than a little bit. Especially if it means dressing those tots up in these Dr. Suess-inspired twin costumes.

Buy it: Perfect Pairz Twin 1 Twin 2 + Leggings Outfits, starting from $29 for the set,

Image: Courtesy Disguise Baby Disney and Hyde and Eek!

The Little Mermaid Costumes

Head under the sea this Hallows Eve! Your twins are sure to make a splash as Ariel and Sebastian in these adorable twin Halloween costumes.

Buy it: Disguise Baby Disney Princess Ariel Halloween Costume Dress, $21,; Hyde and Eek! Baby Pullover Lobster Halloween Costume, $20,

Image: Courtesy Fun World

Clown Costumes

We’re not clowning around—with the jumpsuit and silly hat, your twins are sure to steal the show with these budget-friendly circus-inspired twin costumes.

Buy it: Fun World Baby Cuddly Clown Costume, $15 each,

Image: Courtesy CRUMBSandKISSES

Mario and Luigi Costumes

If you don’t feel like dealing with putting fake mustaches or hats on your little adventurers, these handmade onesies should do the trick. We love twin costume ideas that are super-cute and super-easy to throw together.

Buy it: CRUMBSandKISSES Super Mario Bros Mario Onesie, $15,; CRUMBSandKISSES Super Mario Bros Luigi Onesie, $15,

Image: Courtesy Perfect Pairz

Flintstones Costumes

Have friends and family meet Bedrock’s newest residents, Pebbles and Bam Bam (socially distanced, of course). Turn your rambunctious duo into a prehistoric pair with these twin baby Halloween costumes.

Buy it: Perfect Pairz Pebbles and Bam Bam Halloween Costumes, starting at $40 each,

Image: Courtesy InCharacter

Giraffe Costumes

Have your twins reached the age where they’re reaching for their Sophie la Girafe teethers almost as much as you? Embrace it by dressing your twosome as giraffes this Halloween.

Buy it: InCharacter Infant Giraffe Costume, $16 each,

Twin Toddler Halloween Costumes

Now that your twins are a little older, suit them up in twin Halloween costumes based on their favorite cartoon characters. Or, keep on honoring other popular things that come in pairs. Keep an eye on the age range for each costume, since some are better for younger or older toddlers.

Image: Courtesy Rubie's

Paw Patrol Costumes

Halloween might feel a bit different this year, but your pups can save the day with the help of these Paw Patrol costumes. Or, get them involved in the twin costume search by choosing from other members like Rubble, Chase and Everest.

Buy it: Rubie’s Paw Patrol Marshall Halloween Costume, $25,; Rubie’s Paw Patrol Skye Halloween Costume, $20,

Image: Courtesy Oriental Trading

Flamingo Costumes

Looking for the perfect toddler costume to gather your flock together for a Halloween photo op? This flamingo frock is one of the cutest costumes for twin girls.

Buy it: Oriental Trading Toddler Flamingo Costume, $34,

Image: Courtesy Spirit Halloween

Superman and Superwoman Costumes

Twins often have the superpower-like ability to do things in sync. Let them feel like the heroes they are on Halloween night in these jumpsuits, complete with capes.

Buy it: Spirit Halloween Toddler Supergirl Costume, $27,; Spirit Halloween Toddler Superman Costume, $25,

Image: Courtesy Disney

Toy Story Costumes

Your little sheriff and astronaut will have a blast playing pretend in these Woody and Buzz Lightyear jumpsuits long after Halloween is over.

Buy it: Toy Story Woody Costume for Kids , $45,; Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Light-Up Costume for Kids, $55,

Image: Courtesy TwoTwos Treasures

PB & J Costumes

There’s no better combo than peanut butter and jelly—except of course your toddler twins. These matching twin Halloween costumes are deliciously cute, not to mention unique thanks to the fancy tutus.

Buy it: TwoTwos Treasures Peanut Butter and Jelly Toddler Full Outfits for Twin Girls, $62 for the set,

Image: Courtesy The Costume Cafe

Soy Sauce and Sushi Costumes

We’ve got more food twin costume ideas where that came from! This Etsy seller lets you select your favorite type of sushi, then sends you the handcrafted costume plus a coordinating soy sauce one.

Buy it: The Costume Cafe Toddler Sushi Twin Halloween Costumes, starting from $130 for the set,

Image: Courtesy Disney

Star Wars Costumes

Perfect for traversing the galaxy or the neighborhood, these Mandalorian and Stormtrooper costumes will help your twins prep for their mission—securing the most candy. (Note: the Force not included.)

Buy it: Disney The Mandalorian Costume for Kids, $50,; Disney Stormtrooper Costume for Kids, starting from $50,

Image: Courtesy Halloween Costumes

Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching, and you don’t want to be late for the very important date. To wrap up your twin Halloween costume search, look no further than these White Rabbit and Alice costumes.

Buy it: Toddler’s Dignified White Rabbit Costume, $35,; Toddler Supreme Costume, $35,

Image: Courtesy Great Pretenders

Butterfly Costumes

Looking for a twin Halloween costume for your toddler girls? Transform your forces of nature into beautiful butterflies with this easy Halloween costume.

Buy it: Great Pretenders Midnight Butterfly Tutu with Wings and Headband, $20 each,

Image: Courtesy Rasta Imposta

Sea Creature Costumes

Dress your duo up as scary ocean animals: a hammerhead shark and a stingray. Both twin costumes are hilariously proportioned, so you’re bound to get some laughs.

Buy it: Rasta Imposta Toddler Hammerhead Shark Halloween Costume, $33,; Rasta Imposta Toddler Stingray Costume, $35,

Image: Courtesy Oriental Trading

Astronaut and Rocket Ship Costumes

The sky’s the limit when it comes to twin costume ideas for toddlers. Dress one kid in an astronaut suit and the other as a rocketship, and they’ll quickly be ready for takeoff, er, trick-or-treating.

Buy it: Oriental Trading Toddler Astronaut Costume, $48, [Oriental](; Oriental Trading Toddler Boy’s Rocket Ship Costume, $35,

Image: Courtesy Spirit Halloween

Finding Nemo and Finding Dory Costumes

Kids’ movies will always be great inspiration for sweet twin costume ideas. Your search will stop once you find these Nemo and Dory pullover costumes (complete with detachable tails!).

Buy it: Finding Nemo Toddler Halloween Costume, $35,, Finding Dory Toddler Halloween Costume, $35, [], $35,

Image: Courtesy buybuyBABY

Thomas the Tank Engine Costumes

All aboard! These Thomas the Tank Engine twin Halloween costumes will arrive ahead of schedule for their first Halloween as toddlers.

Buy it: Thomas the Tank Engine Percy Halloween Costume, $25,; Thomas the Tank Engine Deluxe Rebecca Halloween Costume, $25,

Image: Courtesy Spirit Halloween

Sesame Street Costumes

For twin costume ideas that are sure-fire winners, you can always find your way back to Sesame Street. This Halloween, one twin can be Elmo and the other can be the Cookie Monster.

Buy it: Spirit Halloween Elmo Halloween Costume, $30,; Spirit Halloween Cookie Monster Costume, $30,

Image: Courtesy Pottery Barn Kids

Dinosaur Costumes

Hear them roar! These twin costumes for toddlers aren’t just any dino outfits—they light up in the dark. There are three species to choose from, including a purple stegosaurus, so each twin can wear their favorite.

Buy it: Pottery Barn Kids Toddler Light Up Pterodactyl Costume, $99,; Pottery Barn Kids Toddler Light Up T-Rex Costume, $99,

Image: Courtesy Halloween Costumes

Elf Costumes

Already looking forward to the end of 2020? We don’t blame you. Get in the holiday spirit a bit early with these festive elf costumes. Bonus: You’ll be able to reuse them in December!

Buy it: Toddler Holiday Elf Costume, $25,; Toddler Happy Christmas Elf Costume, $25,

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