5 Things You Should Definitely Have on Your Baby Registry

They’ll make life easier, promise.
ByKrista Bennett DeMaio / Sponsored content by Arm + Hammer
September 22, 2021

When you’re expecting, the list of everything you need before the big arrival is pretty lengthy: there’s the car seat, swaddle blankets, diaper bag, oh, and an enormous supply of diapers to pack it with, etc., etc., etc. But been-there-done-that parents will tell you that there are a few life-changing items that new moms and dads may not be thinking about. From the gentle, effective laundry detergent that will be safe for the baby’s delicate skin to the crib-side item that can prevent dry skin and stuffy noses, here’s a list of the not-so-known must-haves every parent should have on hand before baby’s arrival.

A gentle laundry detergent

Baby skin is delicate and easily irritated, and those so-called “baby detergents” that have that fragrant new baby smell may be too strong for your little one’s skin. Instead, wash baby’s clothing and bedding in a formula that’s hypoallergenic, such as Arm & Hammer Sensitive Free & Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent, which is free of dyes and perfumes. The skin-friendly detergent is also certified by SkinSAFE™, a certification program developed with the Mayo Clinic that uses clinical ingredient data to help parents find products that meet baby’s sensitive skin needs. Bonus: Arm & Hammer Sensitive Free & Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent cleans just as well as the premium brands (only it’s a fraction of the cost), so you can use it on the whole family’s laundry.

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A humidifier

Because baby’s nasal passages are so narrow, they’re easily congested, especially in the dry winter months. Using a humidifier in the bedroom can help add moisture to the air, which is gentler on that little nose. Plus, a humidifier can help keep baby’s skin from getting flaky dry in the cool weather months. Look for a cool-mist humidifier (warm mist can pose a burn risk) and keep it up on a high surface. Empty the water, rinse, and replace daily. Then deep clean it weekly to keep mold and bacteria away.

A waterproof crib mattress cover

Diaper leaks happen. And that crib mattress wasn’t exactly cheap, so you want to ensure it makes it through at least one kid. Protect your investment with a waterproof mattress cover that fits snuggly under your fitted sheet. While you’ll still have to change the sheet after an incident (welcome to parenthood), spit up, throw up and blowouts won’t make it past the barrier to the mattress below.

Baby T-shirts

You may be stocking up on the cutest graphic onesies that you plan to dress your little one in the days that follow their birth. But here’s a pro mom hack: Keep them in the drawer at least until the umbilical scab falls off. Instead, dress baby in side-snap t-shirts, washed with gentle detergent, in those first few days. Romper-style undershirts can irritate the healing belly button, so keeping the area open with a cropped tee is a smart idea. Plus, your sweetie will need a lot of diaper changes in those early days, so having easy access is key.

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A bulb syringe

Say what? Hear us out. While babies tend to get stuffed up, they’re not exactly skilled nose-blowers. This tool fits into itty-bitty newborn nostrils, sucking out the gook and bringing your little peanut comfort. To get at the boogers even better, give each nostril a drop of saline nose drops to loosen up the mucus. Then squeeze the bulb part of the syringe, gently place the tip of the syringe into a nostril, and release the bulb. Repeat on the other side. Hopefully you’ll both soon be able to get back to sleep!

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