6 Must-Haves for Baby’s First Cold & Flu Season

Our top picks to help your little one feel better faster.
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By Sarah Fine, Editor
Updated October 25, 2023
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As any parent can tell you, few things are worse than seeing your child sick. Of course handwashing is key to prevention, but some illnesses are still inevitable. So before cold and flu season rolls around, be sure to stock up on the essentials. Aside from the obvious (lots of tissues, hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap), here are six must-haves to help keep fevers at bay and tiny noses clear.

1. A bedtime triple threat

A humidifier is key to easing nighttime coughs and congestion—and the Vicks 3-in-1 SleepyTime™ is an essential oil diffuser, humidifier and night-light all in one. (Not to mention, it’s the #1 brand recommended by pediatricians.*) Pop in a compatible VapoPad to fill baby’s room with calming rosemary and lavender vapors for up to eight hours of better breathing and comfortable rest.

*Based on a March 2020 survey of Pediatricians conducted by Arendt Consulting, of those Pediatricians who recommend humidifiers, Vicks brand humidifiers are the most often recommended.

Buy it: Vicks 3-in-1 SleepyTime™ Humidifier, Diffuser and Night Light, $50, | Vicks Soothing SleepyTime™ Scent Pads, $8,

2. A smart thermometer

Keep track of baby’s fever with the #1 thermometer brand recommended by pediatricians.* The Braun ThermoScan® 7+ Connect is a precision ear thermometer for the whole family. According to the results of a study, this thermometer is as accurate as a rectal thermometer. With its Age Precision™ technology, parents can quickly interpret readings with a color-coded display that indicates whether your child’s temperature is normal (green), borderline (yellow) or high (red) based on their age. Plus, you can use the companion family care app to track temperatures and symptoms, access care advice and check local stats on cold and flu levels in your area.

*Based on survey reporting that of surveyed pediatricians who recommend a brand of thermometers, Braun is the most recommended.

Buy it: Braun ThermoScan® 7+ Connect Ear Thermometer, $75,

3. An aspirator that does the work for you

Since babies can’t blow their own noses, you can give them a hand with this easy-to-use electric nasal aspirator from Braun. (It’s The Bump Best of Baby award winner.) Designed to provide fast and effective congestion relief, it’s also gentle enough for newborns and toddlers alike thanks to adjustable suction levels and nozzle sizes.

Buy it: Braun Nasal Aspirator, $36,

4. A baby wrap

Keep baby close in a cozy wrap for unlimited cuddles when they’ve got the sniffles. Boogers, spit-up and drool are no match for this hands-free carrier, which is machine-washable and dryer safe.

Buy it: Baby K’tan Active Yoga Baby Wrap Carrier, Infant and Child Sling, $70, BabyK’

5. A soothing vapor rub

Made with soothing essential oils, like eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender, BabyRub helps your little one relax when a nasty cold has them all worked up. Gently massage on the chest, neck and back to comfort babies ages 3 months and older.

Buy it: Vicks BabyRub Soothing Vapor Ointment, $8,

6. A temperature-regulating sleep sack

It can be extra tricky to keep baby from overheating when they’re not feeling well. Are they wearing too many layers? Should their feet be so sweaty? Take the guesswork out of the equation with this sleep sack. Made with ultra-fine and super breathable merino wool, it helps regulate your little one’s body temperature while they snooze, so they never feel too hot or cold, even with a fever.

Buy it: Woolino 4 Season® Ultimate Baby Sleep Bag, $109,

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