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Q&A: Do I Need To Take Vitamins While I’m Breastfeeding?

Do I need to take vitamins while I’m breastfeeding?

As long as a mom eats a well-balanced diet with food from all food groups, itis not neccessary to take additional vitamins. Occasionally, some moms maytemporarily need to take iron due to a large amount of blood loss during delivery.However, most moms leave the hospital with normal hemagloblin levels and willnot require iron supplementation. Eating foods that are close to their originalsource will ensure that most of the minerals and nutrients are still present in thefoods as we consume them. It is important to maintain enough calories in yourdiet to fuel the energy requirement needed to produce an adequate milk supply.Most authorities agree that a nursing mom needs an additional 400 to 500 extracalories a day to aid in the production of breast milk. Lactation and breastfeedingis a natural process for humans and listening to your body as it signals hungerand thirst is the best way to ensure a proper and balanced nutritional status.