What Happens to Baby After Birth?

What will happen to my baby in the hours after delivery?
ByThe Bump Editors
March 2, 2017
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The routine differs depending on the hospital and doctor, but it usually goes something like this: Once baby is out, your OB will clamp and cut (or let your partner cut) the cord. (Baby will probably be lying on your tummy or chest for this.) Next, they’ll check his APGAR scores give baby a good rubdown with a towel, weigh and measure him, and give you and baby matching wrist and/or ankle bands. Baby will also get eye ointment to prevent infection, and will probably be wrapped up really tight to keep warm. You’ll probably get to cuddle with your new addition for a while, and you may be able to give breastfeeding a go. (Baby may or may not be ready to eat right away though.)

After you’ve smothered your wee one in kisses (and taken a million pictures), baby will probably head to the newborn nursery for his first bath, his first pediatrician visit (for a thorough checkup), footprints (if they weren’t taken in the delivery room), a routine heel stick (for government-required blood work), a hepatitis B shot, and possibly other protective procedures. You partner may be able to join baby for the whole deal — just ask. If all is well, baby will be deposited back in your arms once he’s fully evaluated and swaddled up nice and tight.

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