30 Wonder Woman Items That Give Your Baby's Nursery ALL the Girl Power

We love Wonder Woman, and we bet your little girl will too! Here are 30 Wonder Woman home decor items to add instant girl power to your daughter's bedroom.
ByRose Walano
Aug 2020
iconic wonder woman with cape
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The warrior princess has proved time and again that she’s just as good—if not better!—than the “big boys.” (Cough, cough, Superman & Co.) She’s kind, she’s fair and she’s killer with a sword and shield—a true inspiration to both women and men alike. Which is why Wonder Woman has more than earned a place of honor in your baby’s nursery!

But how to incorporate her? Oh, the options are endless! There are Wonder Woman comforters and Wonder Woman clocks, Wonder Woman blankets and Wonder Woman art. We found a Wonder Woman lamp and a Wonder Woman wall decal. And yes, because what’s a good nursery without a good well-stocked wardrobe, we’ve included a few of our favorite Wonder Woman onesies on this list too!

Scroll to see our 30 favorite Wonder Woman home items, perfect for your little girl’s nursery. Or even your little boy’s! Because it’s never too soon to teach your little man the importance of respecting strong women.

Wonder Woman Wallpaper and Wonder Woman Wall Decals

Wonder Woman wallpaper and Wonder Woman wall decals make an instant statement in any room—especially baby’s nursery. Even if it’s the only piece of Wonder Woman home decor you use, this big, bold Wonder Woman wall decal will certainly be a centerpiece! It’s also an easy way to add a splash of spice to white walls.

Available in two sizes and a rainbow of colors, this classic image makes the perfect complement for any nursery design palette. (Also, that hair! #Goals)

Trendy Wall Designs Wonder Woman Wall Decal, $25, Etsy.com

Bold and beautiful in baby-friendly primary colors, this colorful take on the Wonder Woman wall decal is pop art-perfect and rimmed in classic, candy apple-red. It’s offered in three different sizes to fit any space, and in reusable vinyl so it won’t damage walls or windows.

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Prime Decal Wonder Woman Wall Decal, $10, Etsy.com

And one more Wonder Woman wall decal, for the parent who wants her baby to wake up to a full-body Diana Prince every day, suited up in all her glory. The WW decal itself is accompanied by the superhero’s logo, as well as red and white stars.

RoomMates Classic Wonder Woman Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decals, $10, Amazon.com

Wonder Woman Posters and Wonder Woman Art

Of course, if the permanence of a wall decal isn’t really your thing, not to worry. The perfect alternative: Wonder Woman posters and Woman Woman art. From sophisticated Wonder Woman watercolor paintings to pop art Wonder Woman renderings, to an adorable Woman Woman illustration of a bunny, we have it all here!

While the classic Wonder Woman illustrations are iconic, this watercolor take is soft and lovely, making it an ideal choice for a nursery. And the best part? It’s a digital download, so you only have to wait as long as it takes you to print her out.

Art Quality Watercolor Wonder Woman Print, $3, Etsy.com

How stunning is this pop-art print of Wonder Woman, bathed in blue? And that noble stance—girl-power inspiration if we ever saw it.

Jeff Langevin Wonder Woman Blue Pop Art Print Superhero Poster, $15, Etsy.com

Of course, you’re always going to encourage your little girl to be herself. But when she needs a little boost, this piece of Wonder Woman art should do the trick. (And another instant download!)

Stamp Postage Prints Always Be Yourself Wonder Woman Instant Download, $5, Etsy.com

You want a true piece of kid-friendly Wonder Woman art? Look at this adorable illustration of Wonder Woman as a bunny, with her long ears and her lasso of truth. (Look close—it’s curled into a heart at the end.) As far as nursery art goes, this is about as cute as it gets.

Sweetest of Peas Art Matted Animal Art Print, $25, Etsy.com

A watercolor illustration of a little Wonder Woman you can print straight from home? Yes please.

Printoo Wonder Woman Watercolor Print, $3, Amazon.com

But of course, if you just want a movie poster from the new flick starring Gal Gadot, you can have that too. We especially like this one for its tagline: “Wonder.” (All of us when we think of Wonder Woman, right?)

Posters USA DC Wonder Woman 2017 Movie Poster, $15, Amazon.com

Wonder Woman Bedding and Wonder Woman Blankets

Want to decorate your baby or little girl’s bedroom with a Wonder Woman theme? Then this Wonder Woman bedding should be at the top of your shopping list. That can mean a lot of things—Wonder Woman comforters, Wonder Woman sheets, Wonder Woman blankets and Wonder Woman pillows, to start. They’re all here, just scroll.

Wonder Woman sheets in everyone’s favorite power color, red? Complete with sketches of all of Diana’s iconic accessories? Sounds like sweet dreams to us.

DC Comics Wonder Woman Twin Bed Sheet Set, $30, Amazon.com

if you want to go a little more old school with the aesthetic, though, this reversible Wonder Woman comforter is just right. One side has her classic costume, the other features golden stars. And it doesn’t stop there: The full set includes a matching pillowcase sham.

Wonder Woman Girls Full Comforter and Sham Set, $52, Amazon.com

Want to add a splash of color and girl power to your baby’s nursery? Then you’ll love this Wonder Woman quilt, crafted from 100 percent cotton. The back of this reversible quilt features a pink and white chevron pattern.

DD Sew Happy Wonder Woman Quilt, $90, Etsy.com

What’s special about this Wonder Woman blanket is that it’s a sensory blanket, meaning that it features extra pieces of ribbon for baby to play with (potentially helping with the development of motor skills). And, it’s made of soft flannel fabric—perfect for snuggles.

Blankets by Sheryl Wonder Woman Ribbon Blanket, $15, Etsy.com

And finally, if you have a little girl who’s perhaps not ready to commit to an entire Wonder Woman room, but still wants to represent, we adore this customizable Wonder Woman pillow. Done in classic red, it features Wonder Woman’s logo and your little girl’s name, while the back reads, “Even Wonder Woman needs her sleep.” (Too true!)

Rock Your Walls Wonder Woman Custom 14" x 14" Pillow, $25, Etsy.com

Wonder Woman Dolls

What’s a little girl’s room without a few toys, and in this case, Wonder Woman toys! We have dolls and one pretty cool piece of (non-violent!) weaponry. Game on!

This felt plush Wonder Woman doll has the sweetest little face and a glittery gold outfit to boot, making her an obvious choice for a nursery! She’s so cute, you’ll have no problem putting her on display in the nursery until baby is old enough to play with her.

BobeenaShop Wonder Woman Felt Plush Doll, $30, Etsy.com

In case you need a reminder, Barbie has been and can be anything—including, now, the one and only Wonder Woman! With features made to match star Gal Gadot’s, the live-action doll comes complete with the superhero’s butt-kicking accessories and a ferocious black fur cape. She’s Wonder Woman-meets-Sansa Stark.

Barbie Wonder Woman Live-Action Doll, $65, Amazon.com

And one more for the little girls: a Wonder Woman Lovey, the mini (and most cuddly!) version of the greatest Amazon warrior princess of all time.

Itty Bittys Wonder Woman Baby Lovey, $18, Hallmark.com

Photo: Courtesy DC Super Hero Girls

The perfect companion to your toddler’s super hero missions! This adorable 15-inch doll is decked out in the signature Wonder Woman outfit (complete with a lasso, of course) and sports luscious, long locks perfect for toddler hair play.

DC Super Hero Girls Toddler Dolls, $33, Amazon.com

Wonder Woman Clocks

You know what a superhero never is? Late for fighting crime, that’s what! To make sure your little lady meets the day with the same amount of ferocity, she needs a clock—a Wonder Woman clock. It’s just one more (pretty and practical) way to incorporate the DC great into your baby’s nursery!

Photo: Courtesy Zazzle

This brightly colored clock featuring Wonder Woman and her lightning bolts is just the thing to give your nursery decor a little jolt. Doesn’t that make you just want to leap out of bed? (No? Here’s your coffee mug, mama.)

Zazzle Chibi Wonder Woman Large Clock, $32, Zazzle.com

Photo: Courtesy NJ Croce

You know what’s better than looking at a Wonder Woman clock? Watching Wonder Woman fly through the air! This clock features a swinging pendulum shaped in a 3D figural sculpture of Wonder Woman.

NJ Croce Wonder Woman Pendulum Wall Clock, $34, Amazon.com

While you won’t need it when she first enters the nursery—she’ll wake up all by herself, don’t you worry!—when it comes time to go to school, this Wonder Woman alarm clock by LEGO will come in very handy. And it’s not just aesthetics: She’s shaped and actually moves like a lego!

LEGO DC Super Heroes Wonder Woman Kids Moveable Minifigure Alarm Clock, $24, Amazon.com

Wonder Woman Onesies

And last, but not least, the best of the best Wonder Woman onesies! Because let’s face it: the closet—second to the bed, of course—is the most fabulous part of any young lady’s bedroom.

Photo: Courtesy DC Comics

Starting off strong, this red Wonder Woman onesie featuring the heroine’s famed costume (with matching hat and booties) is tops for one reason above all: It comes with an optional cape!

DC Comics Wonder Woman 3-Piece Set, $17, Amazon.com

Wonder Baby to the rescue! Your little girl will definitely pop in a crowd in this cobalt play on Diana’s glittering one-piece.

Baby Dapper Wonder Baby, $29, Etsy.com

Your mini-me already knows that her mama is the real Wonder Woman, so she’ll rock this super-cute onesie loud and proud.

Little Fofinha My Mommy Is Wonder Woman Onesie, $13, Etsy.com

And for the new moms who love the new movie and have a wicked sense of humor, this tongue-in cheek Wonder Woman onesie’s for you. (Which is to say, for all of us!)

Keepsakes by Kris Chris Pine Short Sleeve White Onesie, $15, Etsy.com

More Wonder Women Home Decor

And now for the best of the rest. There are so many kinds of Wonder Woman home decor, it’s hard to know where to even begin! After going through all of the above, if you still haven’t what you’re looking for, maybe that’s because you’re looking for a Wonder Woman goodie that’s a little more unexpected. A Wonder Woman lamp? How about a Wonder Woman mobile, one that will make boys just as happy? Read on!

Move over, Christmas Story leg lamp! This Wonder Woman lamp is made in the shade and pops with girl power. A bright idea for a little girl’s nursery, to say the least.

Westland Giftware DC Comics Wonder Woman Lamp, $95, Amazon.com

We’re going to call this a Wonder Woman mobile, but she was nice enough to include her friends in this one too. You get to choose your five favorite super heroes from among Batman, SpiderMan, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Super Man, She-Ra, Robin, Green Lantern, Flash and more. Naturally, though, Wonder Woman stands tallest in this mobile. Hair flip.

DropsofColorShop Nursery Super Heroes Mobile, $95, Etsy.com

Photo: Courtesy Everything Mary

Even super heroes need clean clothes. After a full day of crime-fighting, toss those soiled suits into this pop-up laundry hamper, decked out in the Wonder Woman logo.

DC Comics Wonder Woman Collapsible Kids Laundry Hamper, $23, Amazon.com

If baby’s first book shelf could use a major dose of girl power, then we’ve got the perfect picture book addition: DC Super Heroes: My First Book of Girl Power. We’re calling it “the only book she’ll ever need.”

Julie Merberg DC Super Heroes: My First Book of Girl Power, $8, Amazon.com

If you’re all about the DIY, well, Wonder Woman’s got you covered there too—literally! Walmart sells Wonder Woman fabric by the yard, so you can make all the customized blankets, pillows and rag dolls your Wonder Woman-loving heart could ever want.

DC Comics Girl Power Multi Cotton by the Yard, $5 per yard, Walmart.com

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