who resembles God?

Emperors, kings and saints have borne the name Michael over the centuries. From 1954 to 2008, Michael enjoyed a spectacular streak of popularity, mostly coming in first but sometimes sliding into second. It’s a superhero name in the Bible, belonging to the archangel Michael, the leader of heaven’s armies whose powerful protection is invoked in prayers for soldiers, police officers and firefighters. Occasionally, Michael has been pressed into service as a girls' name too.
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Royal Baby Names
Prince Michael of Kent was born on July 4, 1942, to Prince George, Duke of Kent, who was a son of King George V. He attended the Royal Military Academy and spent 20 years in service. Besides his heavy involvement in numerous charities, the prince runs a consulting business. He has been married to Baroness Marie-Christine von Reibritz of Poland since 1978, and they have two children, Frederick and Gabriella. Because he married a Roman Catholic, Michael lost his right of succession to the British throne. Fun fact: He is one of the few royals with his own website.
Disney Baby Names
The younger of the Darling brothers in “Peter Pan,” Michael is an impressionable boy who’s enamored of Peter Pan; his sister, Wendy, and his brother, John, have told him stories about Peter. After his parents leave for a party, Michael goes with his siblings to Neverland, where he has many exciting adventures and experiences: The boy goes hunting with the Lost Boys, gets captured by Captain Hook and almost walks the plank (until Peter saves him).

Famous Michaels

Wondering who else shares this baby name? Check out these well known icons that made this baby name famous.
  • Princess Marina and Prince George
  • Michael Phelps
  • Michael Douglas
  • Michael Strahan
    Football Player
  • Michael Jordan
    Basketball Player
  • Michael Kors
    Fashion Designer
  • Michael J. Fox

Michael: Baby Name Popularity


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