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Love free baby stuff? So do we! Get the best baby products at the best prices with premium discounts, must-have coupons and free samples from beloved baby shops.

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Our dedicated customer service team is ready to help with whatever you need. Simply shoot us a note at [email protected] or read our FAQs below.

  • How do I claim an offer for a baby deal?

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    There are two ways to claim offers for cheap or free baby stuff. Select the option of "Sign up for all offers" if you would like every baby deal. If only specific offers catch your eye, switch the toggle button next to the offers to "ON" (green). You'll receive emails from our partners with more information about how to receive their baby offers.

  • How often do the baby offers change?

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    We are constantly working with our partners to offer new and fresh baby deals for you. Some offers for cheap or free baby stuff may last longer than others, but we encourage you to keep checking to see what new baby offers have been added.

  • Do I have to be a member of The Bump to sign up for these baby deals?

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    Even if you're not a member, you're welcome to enjoy these special offers. To get cheap or free baby stuff, you will be asked to enter a few details—your name, email address and due date or child's birthdate—that will be shared with our partner so they can contact you with more information about your selected baby offers.
    If you'd like to create a free membership account and enjoy even more pregnancy tools and parenting resources, you can visit thebump.com/join today!

  • How do I get free baby stuff?

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    Our partners may offer free baby stuff, like buy one get one "bogo" deals, instead of more traditional discount promotions. Check back soon if you don't see free baby stuff listed, as our offers occasionally change. To get their free baby stuff and offers, you will be asked to enter the same details as for regular offers—your name, email address, child's birthday and zip code—that will be shared with our partner so they can contact you with more information about your selected baby freebies and offers.

  • How can I share these offers with my friends and family?

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    Share cheap and free baby stuff with your friends and family! After you've selected and submitted your preferred offers, share this page of special baby deals via SMS, link, email, Facebook or Twitter. Look for sharing icons and options on the "Thanks for Signing Up!" page.

  • When do the offers expire?

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    Each offer will have it's own expiration date. Once you select an offer, you will receive an email from our partner with details on how to claim the offer, as well as any details about when (or if!) the offer expires.

  • What baby deals will I get?

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    We've partnered with a variety of baby retailers to offer a wide range of special deals. These deals may change periodically, so we encourage you to check back often to see what new baby deals have been added.

  • Will you be sharing my information?

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    We will be sharing your name, email address, zip code and child's birthday or due date with the partners that are offering the baby deals you select. This information is required in order to contact you with the offer details.

  • If I sign up for all offers, do I get all the current offers and/or all future offers?

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    "All Offers" refers to the current offers that are being featured. These offers may change periodically, so we encourage you to check back again later for more great baby deals.

  • If I select "all offers", can I cancel it later?

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    After you select and submit your chosen offers, your information is sent to our offer partners. If you would like to cancel or unsubscribe once a baby deal has been chosen, you will need to contact each partner directly to opt out of their offer program.

  • Can I opt into an offer later? How do I do that?

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    Our baby deals may change periodically, so if you see an offer that you're interested in now, we encourage you to check it out. While some offers may remain available longer than others, we cannot guarantee the availability of an offer once it has been removed.

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