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10 Seriously Creative DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

You won't find a Frozen costume here.
PUBLISHED ON 10/28/2016

With two days to go until Halloween, you're probably in one of two positions: Your kids have either been living in their costumes or they don't even have any yet. Whether you need last-minute inspiration or want to sniff out the competition, these are the homemade creations that really caught our eye. Spoiler: You won't see any pumpkins or Elsas on this list.

Harry Potter

Baby Lorelai's been making the rounds on the internet all week. But we still want to shine a light (alohomora!) on this super cute, super simple costume. All you need is a scarf, some glasses and a toy wand.

Stranger Things

Eggo waffles definitely aren't a recommended first food for baby, but they're the perfect accessory for this mini Eleven.

Wayne's World

We're not worthy of this killer costume. Party time. Excellent!

Anna Wintour

We're not confident that this mini editor-in-chief can even read.

California Roll

This #SadSushi has completely won us over.


We always knew he was eternal.

Ghost Busters

Who you gonna call? He doesn't look so sure it should be him.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

PSLs should always come in twos.

Princess Leia

She's aspiring to someday have enough hair for this doo.


Clearly too tired to catch 'em all.