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2013 Bumpie Best: Most Buzzed About Celebrity Pregnancy

PUBLISHED ON 12/05/2013

Welcome to our 2013 Bumpie Best countdown! We're highlighting the most talked about, most stylish and most amazing new mom, pregnancy and fertility moments that have taken place over the past year. Wondering which celeb mama we most admired in 2013? Or which nursery trend was most loved by moms-to-be? Stay tuned, y'all! Over the next 19 days, we're rolling though the most defining moments the Year of the Snake brought us.

2013's Most Buzzed About Celebrity Pregnancy Was...

Though it was a total toss-up between Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton, we're going to have to give the Honours to our favorite celebrity mama, the Duchess of Cambridge! (Um, duh.)

When Kate and William announced their pregnancy on December 3, 2012, we're pretty sure that the whole world broke out in hysterics; the news of a future heir (or heiress!) to the throne of the Brit's most beloved king- and queen-to-be was almost too much for all of us to take.

Early on in her pregnancy, Kate was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, which forced the couple to share the news that they were expecting much sooner than they'd probably planned ( she was reportedly not even 12 weeks yet!), but shortly after he release from the hospital, the mama-to-be looked great! We were obsessed with every outfit, every maternity purchase, every nursery item and every bit of news that we could dig up on the Princess Royal (what can we say? We really, really love our girl!).

Havoc broke out in July (the couple's due date!) as the Great Kate Wait took over and the world waited, with bated breath, for the arrival of a future king or queen. And on July 22, we celebrated the birth of George Alexander Louis(or more formally, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge ) with Pimms and cut-outs of Kate and Will.

Long live the king! (And his amazing mum!)

Who was your favorite celebrity mom to watch in 2013?

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