2013 Bumpie Best: Most Creative Baby Shower Theme

ByKylie McConville
Dec 2013
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Photo: InspiredByThis.com

Welcome to our 2013 Bumpie Best countdown! We’re highlighting the most talked about, most stylish and most amazing new mom, pregnancy and fertility moments that have taken place over the past year. Wondering which celeb mama we most admired in 2013? Or which nursery trend was most loved by moms-to-be? Stay tuned, y’all! We’re rolling though the most defining moments the Year of the Snake brought us.

2013′s Most Creative Baby Shower Theme Was…

A space invasion! Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking, but how on earth could we ever say no to this Space Invador-themed shower for mama-to-be? The brainiacs behind InspiredByThis.com whipped up this futuristic shower for a friend that played on her nursery colors (yellow, grey, orange and blue). And though something so high-tech could go one way or the other, everything from the table decor and the centerpieces to the food and the invites was done in pure robo-excellence!

Take a peek:

All photos courtesy of InspiredByThis.com

What was the coolest shower theme you saw in 2013?

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2013 Bumpie Best: Most Creative Baby Shower Theme

Kylie McConville