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2013 Bumpie Best: Most Inspiring Baby Born This Year

PUBLISHED ON 12/24/2013

Welcome to our  2013 Bumpie Best  countdown! We’re highlighting the most talked about, most stylish and most amazing new mom, pregnancy and fertility moments that have taken place over the past year. Wondering which celeb mama we most admired in 2013? Or which nursery trend was most loved by moms-to-be? Stay tuned, y’all! We’re rolling though the most defining moments the Year of the Snake brought us.

2013′s Most Inspiring Delivery Was…

The arrival of baby Bea Joy Sagles. Baby Bea was born during Typhoon Haiyan inside an abandoned office unit compound at the Tacloban Airport. She was welcomed into the arms of thousands of evacuees and military medics. Emily, her mom, was found earlier in the when, according to the Associated Press, she clung to a post to survive. She was found shortly after and rushed to the airport to deliver. At the time, her husband in Manila was unaware of what was going on.

Bea was named in loving, sweet honor of her maternal grandmother, who went missing during the storm. She's a true survivor (and an inspiration to us all!).

Who was the most inspiring baby you met this year?

Stay tuned for more 2013 Bumpie Bests…

PHOTO: Bourn Hall Clinic