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2013’s Hot Pregnancy And Baby Trends

PUBLISHED ON 01/18/2013

What's going to be big for moms-to-be and new parents this year? This is what we predict:

Less-Than-12-Week Spill

Kate Middleton and Jessica Simpson announced their pregnancies earlier than the traditional 12 weeks. Why not everyone else? A poll of The Bump readers found that 58 percent of pregnant women let the cat out of the bag in the first trimester. Blame it on the trend of over-sharing on social media, or maybe just the fact that women reason that they'd want their friends and family to know the truth even if something  bad happened. So they're telling early!

Neon in the Nursery

Want a bold look to baby's nursery? We've seen neon colors on everything from wall art to diaper bags to strollers. Neon has stepped off the runway and on to baby gear!

Baby Name Trends

Celebs have been naming their babies after hues of the rainbow for years, but with emerald being the Pantone color of the year, our bet’s on  naming babies after shades of green — think Hunter, Kelly, Jade, Fern and Forest. After all, Drew Barrymore did name her baby girl Olive in 2012.

What’s out in 2013? Naming your baby after a city, like Brooklyn, Paris or Austin. This year, moms will take a cue from Reese Witherspoon, who last year named her baby boy Tennessee, and try Georgia, Virginia, Carolina or even Montana.

Also on the rise this year are popular names from the beginning of the 20th century. Due to the Downton Abbey craze, more babies will be sporting names like Mary, Edith, Anna, Robert and Thomas.

Royal Baby Fever

Just as wedding dress designers' collections were inspired by Kate Middleton's wedding gown gown after her wedding day, we’ll see maternity clothing designers incorporating her maternity style into their designs. And moms-to-be will be emulating her pregnancy look! Also, expect to see lots of royalty-inspired baby gear and décor in stores. Everyone will want to copy the next prince or princess's style, too!

New Ideas for Gender Reveals

The trend of announcing your baby’s gender has gone beyond cutting a cake to discover pink or blue filling. Once couple made a "Gangnam Style" themed dance video, and others have sent family members boxes filled with pink or blue helium balloons.

Another hot trend is the " ultrasound party," where an ultrasound technician comes to your home during a party to show your close family and friends baby's gender live and in person!


You’ve heard of a  babymoon (and maybe even a daddymoon), but now mommymoons are becoming increasingly popular. Don't know what that means exactly? It's when an expectant mom takes a trip or plans a party for a little R&R before the baby arrives — without her partner. We've heard of a beach getaway with fellow expecting mamas, heading to a spa resort or hosting an at-home mani-pedi party and prenatal yoga class with friends. It's a great way to enjoy some “me” time before middle-of-the-night feedings and diaper changes become routine.

Sip and Sees

2013 will be the year of the “sip and see”: a postbirth bash hosted by the parents where friends and family stop by the house, sip some drinks and see the newborn. Baby showers for second and third babies can be controversial, but with a sip and see, parents can easily celebrate the birth of their new arrival in a new, different, more casual way.

What trends are you seeing with your pregnant and new mom friends?

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