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3-Year-Old Boy Hears For The First Time And It Truly Is The Sweetest Thing

PUBLISHED ON 06/21/2013

Fair warning here, folks: this will probably be the most heartening, moving and amazing thing you'll set your eyes on all day. It's the video of an adorable little 3-year-old boy who hears his parents for the first time.

Grayson Clamp, the little guy in the video, was born deaf and just last month he became the first child in the United States to receive an auditory brain stem implant. The device helps his brain to process sound so that he can hear it. Though in the past adults have received auditory brain stem implants, this is the first time the procedure (approved by the Food and Drug Administration at UNC Hospitals) was performed on a child.

Performed at the University of North Carolina Hospitals, cameras stood by to capture the day Grayson first heard his parents voices — specifically, his daddy's first words to his handsome little guy. I don't want to give away too many details but in the video Grayson hears his doting daddy say, "Daddy loves you. Daddy loves you." and his reaction captures the beauty, intensity and sheer love of the moment perfectly. Basically, your heart just wants to explode (mine did).

His proud mama told reporters that, "He likes sound. He enjoys the stimulus, the input. He's curious and he definitely enjoys it." Since his surgery, his parents are overjoyed that their son is able to experience the world like so many others do: through sounds.

Here's the video of Grayson hearing his daddy. His reaction is absolutely priceless:

How incredible, right?

PHOTO: Photo Courtesy of UNC Health Care