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5 Life Hacks From Parents Who Get Sh*t Done

This could be you.
PUBLISHED ON 08/19/2016

The house is a mess, baby’s crying and you haven’t showered since Tuesday. So how are other moms doing it? Prepare for the most productive week you’ve had since baby was born, because we’re sharing moms’ best tips for getting sh*t done.

While notorious for being THE place to go to waste time, Reddit is actually a gold mine of honest advice, especially within its parenting threads. Case in point? The parenting hacks we found within the subreddit Beyond The Bump. A thread asking about how to get more done during the day garnered some great responses from efficient moms and dads. Below, our five practical favorites.

Tip no. 1: “I take everything in small bites and do a little bit all the time to keep on top of things. Not letting things pile up really helps, so do anything you can when time is available, you'll benefit from it later.”

Tip no. 2: “I've set up reminders on my calendar each day for relatively short cleaning tasks to be done either weekly or monthly. It helps to have one little goal in mind for the day so that if I do get a few minutes of free time while baby naps, I can quickly do it, rather than waste time figuring out what needs to be done first.”

Tip no. 3: “Baby’s naps, however short they are, are my time to get sh*t done around the house. I can wash the dishes, switch the laundry, feed the dogs/cats and grab lunch for myself during a 30 minute nap.”

Tip no. 4: “I do a lot of babywearing if I've got stuff to do around the house. She may voice her displeasure but sorry baby, Mummy has things to do.”

Tip no. 5: “Depending on the task (sweeping, loading/unloading dishes, switching laundry) I'll do it while he's awake and let him play by himself. For the bigger tasks (cleaning bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming) I do one of these chores a day during his 30 minute nap.”

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