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profile picture of Sarah Kulchar
Sarah Kulchar

5 Reasons Why I’d Never Want To Be A Celebrity Mom

PUBLISHED ON 08/23/2013

I catch myself in awe of celebrity moms (and dads) from time to time. For the most part, I do not read into the world of celebrities too deeply because let's be honest, there is enough going on as a mom already, but lately I have thought about what it would be like. Want to know what my gut reaction was? I am so glad I am not a celebrity mom.

There would be definite perks for sure, but do they really outweigh the cons? No, not for me. Why? Because...

1. I couldn't stand the constant hype about my body.

As if being a mom — heck — a woman isn't hard enough, can you imagine having your image smeared across screens and magazines in order to let the general public decide if you look thin enough?

2. My parenting mistakes might be caught on camera.

Let's lay it all out there for a second. We all make mistakes when it comes to parenting. If you haven't made a mistake yet, just wait, it will happen. I am never proud of the mistakes that I have made and I do not ever intend to do them but, they happen. It's life. I think the guilt would be even worse if my mistakes were all caught on camera especially since the media would most likely blow it out of proportion too.

3. I would be scared to take my child anywhere.

This world we live in can be a scary place. The privacy that a celebrity can expect these days is next to nothing. How awful. A simple outing to the park or playgroup could end up being a complete fiasco in minutes and not for normal reasons (lost lovie, a missed nap, or teething) but for scary, maybe even intrusive reasons like someone following you.

4. My child's childish behavior could be exploited.

I don't know how often this happens but I am sure you can relate to the awesomeness it is when your child absolutely loses it in the middle of any public venue. As a "normal" person, you can simply remove the child and move on with your day. As a celebrity, there might be photographs, videos, or even blog posts hitting the wires within minutes of the event. I'm not suggesting that celebrities shouldn't allow real life to happen, but no kid wants to grow up and find out that their toddler temper tantrum was public knowledge, do they?

5. I simply enjoy having privacy when I want it!

It is kind of funny talking about privacy in some ways because I write a  personal blog. While blogging does remove a bit of privacy (as does any kind of social media to some extent), I enjoy the ability to share what I want when I want to. Not having the power of privacy would drive me bonkers for sure.

Are there any reasons you're glad not to be a celebrity mom?

PHOTO: Sarah @ When Regarding Ruffles