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Caption This Picture!

This photo from user kristinesergott is so cute, we asked Bumpies on our Facebook page to caption it. Here are some of their hilarious answers.

"Step away from the toes and nobody gets hurt!" –Lane S.

"What? You took too long with my milk so I had to improvise! A baby’s gotta eat, Mom!" –Audria W.

“Toe Jam: Breakfast of Champions!” –Stephanie R.

‎"Hmmm...Not as good as I thought it would be." –Nicole J.

“Mom! Have you tried these?! They are readily available and delicious!” –Jennifer S.

“Unlike my pacifier, this one will not get away from me!” –Ohoyo A.

“This little piggy is DELICIOUS!” –Ilana W.

‎"Hmm, it looks like a nipple, but it sure doesn't taste the same." –Kalie H.

“Hello! You can at least offer me a dipping sauce....” –Jennifer B.

“I think it moved!” –Kendra J.

“Where have these been all my life?” –Tiffany F.

“You call them ‘piggies,’ but they don’t taste like bacon!” –Vicky W.

“I like to be different. After all, everyone sucks their thumbs and believe me, girlfriend, that is soo last year.” –Kerry-Ann P.

“Nobody gives me money to get a pedicure!” –Edna S.

What would you caption this photo?

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PHOTO: Photo by kristinesergott / The Bump
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