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For Dinner Tonight: 6 Sizzlin’ Cinco De Mayo Mexican Recipes You’ve Got To Try!

PUBLISHED ON 05/05/2013

Tonight, we couldn't pick just one recipe to try — so we're giving you six options to pull from! In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo , we are serving up some sizzlin' and sweet mexican recipes perfect for every fiesta!

Whether you're kicking back at home and celebrating with the kids, calling up a babysitter and headed straight to the bar for a margarita (hey, mommies deserve a break!), or relaxing with on the porch while your baby-to-be performs his own mariachi solo in your tummy, these recipes do not disappoint.

From chicken enchiladas with green chili sauce and vegetable enchiladas to brunch quesadillas and fish tacos , there's a little something for everybody at your table to enjoy (just don't forget without chips and guac!).

Ready to get started on these tasty, festive and absolutely fun meals? Head on over to to get recipe details and prepare to dine in delight. Tonight, calories don't count — so dig in for seconds (and thirds!). We won't tell — promise!

How are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo this year?

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