6 Healthy Eating Rules for Your Holiday Bump

ByCatey Condit
Nov 2014
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Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. From the food (seconds of everything, please) to spending time with family, nothing gets us more into the holiday spirit than a turkey — or tofurkey — feast. But the meal you look forward to all year long can also be tricky if you’re a mom-to-be.

Here’s how to stay healthy while indulging over the holidays:

Watch the Temp While making your way around the holiday buffet, make sure you’re eating foods at the recommended temperature. Steer clear of anything that’s been sitting out longer than an hour to avoid food-borne illnesses.

Cut Back on Caffeine Are you loving the new holiday coffee drinks? Consider choosing decaf over regular for your festive pick-me-up.  The recommendation for pregnant women: consume 200mg of caffeine per day, or about the amount in one 12-oz coffee.

Be Cautious with Tea If you’re planning to substitute tea for coffee this holiday season, make sure you’re doing your research. Decaffeinated teas ares good, but different types of herbal teas can be detrimental to you and your baby’s health as well.

Stick with Sugar Over Sweetener Choose real sugar over artifical sweeteners for all of your baked goods this season. Or even better, look for recipes that take advantage of natural sweetness like banana breads, apple crumples, and peach cobblers.

Get more healthy eating holiday tips here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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