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Kylie McConville

6 Reasons Prince William Will Be A Great Dad

PUBLISHED ON 12/11/2012

Though Duchess Kate is only in the "very early stages" of her very royal pregnancy, we're already going gaga over what Prince William will be like as a doting dad. From reading bedtime stories together to royal piggy-backs, we've outlined the top six reasons Prince William will be the most incredible royal dad ever!

He already plans to be a "hands-on" dad. If this didn't make us swoon for Prince Will any harder, it looks like he already plans to be very involved in his little one's life. Just like his mom, its been said the Duke of Cambridge wants to be present in every aspect of his new baby's life and pals claim he won't have a team of nannies to take care of the baby's needs.

He's ready to trade in his RAF duties. When that little bundle makes his/her way into this world, the Duke will probably make a permanent move to be closer to home and his family. Any dad that's willing to change up his work routine to be closer to his child gets an A+ in our book!

We heard he wants to change "nappies" (diapers)."Nappies" is English for diapers and ugh. A husband that's pumped to change your babies diapers is actually the most incredible news ever. Yay, Will!

He's responsible. In the face of his rambunctious, rowdy little brother, Will has always struck us as a family man and his marriage to Kate Middleton confirmed our speculation. He's always the first to mention how incredible and wonderful his wife is and with the arrival of a wee one, will be expecting more candid quotes from the Duke. We can't wait to see pictures of these two running around Buckingham Palace together!

He wants to lead a normal life. Us commoners find this type of quality comes pretty natural in our partners, but to a high-profile guy like Prince William, maintaining a down-to-earth lifestyle is nearly impossible. So when we heard that William wanted to keep things _normal _— he and Kate say they don't want a fleet of nannies — we fell in love with the charming prince even more!

His mom was pretty great. Now, we don't know for sure all the in's and out's of William's parenting skills, but judging solely by his upbringing, we're willing to bet big money that they're great. His mom, the late Princess Diana, taught her boys the value of kindness, honesty and charity. These are three traits we just know his little one will be blessed with!

Do you have any parenting predictions? Think Will will make a great dad?

PHOTO: Getty Images
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