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6 Simple Tricks To Personalize Your Closet

PUBLISHED ON 08/07/2014

Is your whole house being taken over by bottles and baby bouncers? We know that baby changes everything, and staying organized and having kids typically don't go hand-in-hand. But, for the sake of your sanity, lay claim to at least a portion of the house that still belongs to you: your closet (or half of your closet, if you're sharing). We have some easy tricks to personalize and organize those few precious square feet that are all yours.

1. Upgrade Your Hangers
You’ve graduated from college so that also means you’ve graduated something other than plastic hangers. Throw out those mismatched rainbow colored ones you’ve collected over the years—including the flimsy wire ones from your dry cleaner. Give your clothes the respect they deserve and invest in a cedar wood set. Yes, they cost a little more but, they’ll last longer and you’ll thank me whenever you look in your closet to see everything hanging at the same level.

SHOP NOW : Cedar hangers, $14 for pack of four, Target.com

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