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7 Pieces Of Advice Prince Harry Needs Before Becoming An Uncle

PUBLISHED ON 12/12/2012

While it doesn't look like Prince Harry will be settling down any time soon, it does look like he's quite ready to settle into his newest role as royal Uncle! With a future niece or nephew on his/her way, we pulled together some of our most regal and royal advice for Uncle Harry once the baby makes its famous debut!

Don't take the baby to Vegas. Now, we're pretty sure that Royal officials have already _given Harry a list of dos and don'ts when it comes to the baby, but we just want to stress the importance of nixing an Uncle-and-baby-only Vegas extravaganza. While it's not totally frowned upon for babies to show their bottoms in public, it _is for Royal Uncles.

Shower your niece/nephew with lots of love. Alright, we know Harry won't have a problem making sure this happens but hey, a little reminder never hurt. We can't wait to see pictures of these two hanging out together inside and out of the palace!

No clubbing. The only bash this royal babe will be headed for is the bring your own bottle event at Buckingham Palace. So if Harry wants to spend some quality time with his adorable niece or nephew, he's going to have to trade in his club slammers for a pajama party and a pacifier — but we're willing to bet that won't be hard to do.

Let mom and dad pick out baby's Halloween costume. Given Harry past scandalous Halloween costumes, we're going to gently suggest mom and dad are the only two people who get a say in what baby wears for his or her first Halloween.

Spend lots of time together. Commoners have a hard enough time making sure they see their little nieces and nephews enough — imagine how difficult a royal schedule will be to maneuver. Still, we bet Harry will set plenty of time aside for the the little one and we can't wait for the (adorable) photos!

Practice safe habits around the baby. Eons ago (in 2002) Harry got in a bit of trouble when his dad, Prince Charles, discovered he was smoking weed illegally and drinking underage. After returning from a drug-rehabilitation clinic, we're hoping Harry's a changed man and will pass on only the best advice to his niece or nephew.

Pack an extra bag of clothes. We all saw photo-proof that Harry likes to unwind, relax and shed his clothes. Since he's living under a royal microscope, we're thinking some trips with the wee one would be good for Harry. He'd learn to pack a change of clothes (for baby and himself!) to avoid any unwanted photos finding their way back to Grandmother Queen.

What advice would you give your brother or sister before becoming an aunt or uncle?