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A Peek Inside Kevin and Danielle Jonas’ Super-Cala-Fabulous Baby Shower

Take a star-studded look inside mom-to-be Danielle Jonas' stylish Mary Poppins-inspired baby shower! Designed by Michael Russo, the shower (planned for Danielle and thrown by her sisters and mom) put a whimsical spin on the traditional shower and turned the whole extravaganza into a colorful, playful fete! How did you plan your bash?
PUBLISHED ON 01/10/2014

The parents-to-be

Russo, who outfitted the couple's wedding shower in 2009, said, "Designing these milestone moments for my clients, I really get to know them. So Kevin and Danielle just called to say, ‘Hey, can you do this for us?' She called me really early on in the pregnancy – probably even before the family knew they were having a girl – so that we could get on the same page before we dove right in.”

Photo: Photo: Steve DePino

A Mary Poppins styled bash

The most important step in making a shower fabulous, says Russo, is to pin down the theme. “That sets the vision, and then I run with that. So, in this case, Danielle knew what she wanted – Mary Poppins! – but I worked with her sister Katie and her mom on the shower itself.”

Photo: Photo: Steve DePino

Chic centerpieces

“You can totally score Danielle’s shower look for less," Russo says. "Take a cylinder vase, and put an umbrella into it, with just the top showing. For Danielle and Kevin, I wrapped the vases in custom, commissioned art – but you could make it just as lovely with some gorgeous wrapping paper that fits your theme.”

Photo: Photo: Steve DePino

Styled to perfection

The whole event, says Russo, was “really cute and very traditional. Kevin said hello, dropped her off, it was ladies only. They’re an adorable couple – really fun and loving and old school.”

Photo: Photo: Steve DePino

Takeaway treats

One motif that worked out well: the umbrellas! “We always aim for visually stunning,” he says. “All eye candy, pastels, flowers and crystals. And we’re playing with texture too! For the party favors, we did pashminas in pastels, which is seasonally appropriate, a bit luxurious and very fun!”

Photo: Photo: Steve DePino

Pretty paper place settings

These days, Russo notes, you don’t have to spend big bucks for an elegant look. “Get creative. You can print or craft your own, add stickers, make it pretty,” he says. “Put a personal stamp on it.”

Photo: Photo: Steve DePino

Carousel candies

“Just get the mom-to-be’s favorite treats," says Russo, "and lay a gorgeous table full of candies around the cake."

Photo: Photo: Steve DePino

Let there be cake

A cake styled to match the theme helps tie together the whole event. Plus it's a yummy treat for guests!

Photo: Photo: Steve DePino

The theme is everything

“The theme is key,” Russo says. “Start by picking a color, then a motif – something that says something about you. You can go boy-or-girl themed, or there are plenty of gender-neutral options, like yellow and green. But a theme and a color (or two) always looks more unified and elegant."

Photo: Photo: Steve DePino

What's hanging on the line?

This adorable display also makes for easy decoration (and tons of adorable clothes!).

Photo: Photo: Steve DePino

Gifts galore!

Gifts are great but not everybody loves unwrapping gift after gift. And that's okay. Russo says, If you don’t want to stall the party with the grand unveiling of presents, request that guests wrap their gifts in clear paper – like cellophane, maybe – so that you can still oooh-and-aaah without taking up too much time.

Photo: Photo: Steve DePino

The beautiful mama-to-be

You can feel the happiness and love in the room!

Photo: Photo: Steve DePino