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Kylie McConville

Adele Dishes On Motherhood At The Grammys — And We Love What She’s Saying!

PUBLISHED ON 02/11/2013

New mum (and songstress extraordinaire) Adele turned heads at the Grammys for a few reasons. 1.) She was absolutely STUNNING in Valentino (with matching pumps!), and 2.) she was her usual, adorable, lovable self.

After taking home the award for Best Solo Pop performance for "Set Fire to the Rain", the British singing sensation took to the stage with all smiles and said,  "thank you you so much. This is amazing. I just wanted to come and be part of the night because I loved it last year, obviously." She then paid tribute to all women (both in the music industry and outside of it), saying, "Thank you. I just want to send big love to all the other girls and all us females doing this because we work so hard and we make it look so easy."

And after exiting the stage, the 24-year-old mummy and musician spilled to reporters that this year's ceremony felt much different than last years. One of the biggest changes? Her adorable 4-month-old son, whose name is still well under wraps (but we think it's Angelo!). Talking about the major differences between 2012's award show and this year, she said, "I've been up since 6 a.m., so I'm quite tired, but it's nice. I haven't been as stressed out," Adele said of balancing work, play and life with baby. "You have to prioritize what you stress about and worry about when you have a child. Getting my hair and makeup is usually a blast. I'm like, 'Get off! Get off!'"

But fear not, fans! Our beloved Adele is making studio time, though she admits she's "not very far along" recording her 2011 hit 21. The star even gushed, "I've been singing my baby nursery rhymes, so I don't know what's cool and what's not!" Like any new mama, we can relate. Instead of racking up 10 and 12 hour days in the studio, she's spending time with her little man — and we absolutely love her for it! I can't wait to hear how powerful she can sing about the moments that are most  heartwarming to her.

Did you love to see Adele last night?

PHOTO: Shutterstock