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Alyssa Milano Shares Another Breastfeeding Pic

PUBLISHED ON 03/09/2015

Once again, Alyssa Milano is showing the world she likes to glam it up while breastfeeding.

The former Mistresses actress took to Instagram to post her third breastfeeding pic, two of which were taken while getting her hair and makeup done.

Photo: Alyssa Milano via Instagram


"Make-up, hair in rollers, breastfeeding and being prepped by our producer for #TheTalk," she captioned the photo with her six-month-old daughter Elizabella.

In late October, she posted a similar photo while getting ready for a Marie Claire shoot.

Feel like you can't relate to her pampered nursing experience? Not to worry — the first photo was something we can all identify with: a selfie.


Milano is in good company when it comes to sharing her love of breastfeeding. Celebrities like Gwen Stefani  and  Gisele Bundchen  have shared their own nursing shots, while others (ahem, Beyonce) have sung the praises of breastfeeding.

Milano and David Bugliari welcomed Elizabella, their second child, on Sept. 4. The former Charmed star has also since made the decision to leave her show Mistresses because she couldn’t relocate from Los Angeles to Vancouver, British Columbia, to film.

“I have two babies under 4,” she shared on her website. “Being a mother and wife comes first and I just cannot uproot my children and separate the family by moving away. I will miss this job desperately and wish everyone the absolute best.”

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