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Amazing Photo! Baby Holds Doctor’s Hand Before Her Birth

PUBLISHED ON 01/03/2013

Prepare to "ooh" and " ahh" and "aww" your day away, friends. What you're about to see may be the cutest thing 2013 has brought us so far.

Last year, on October 9, Nevaeh Atkins (Her first name is 'Heaven' spelled backwards) did something adorable. And I mean really, really adorable. Just before making her grand debut, her proud daddy snapped a photo of his beautiful little girl ever so sweetly gripping the finger of her doctor Allan Sawyer during her mother's C-section.

Beaming mama, Alicia Atkins, says of the photo, "I just thought right away that it was a beautiful, amazing photo that I had never seen before,” adding, “I knew it was special right away."

Special, amazing, beautiful, touching... there are a million other adjectives that come to mind looking over the photo but none seem to do it justice. It is pure magic.

But how was dad able to snap the photo? “When my doctor broke my water, the doctor told my husband, ‘Hey, she’s holding my finger,’” Alicia Atkins said. ”He had my camera, and so they were able to capture the moment of her holding his hand.”

The Phoenix-area mom first saw the photo Oct. 10. About two months later, on December 26, she posted it on to the Facebook page of her Glendale, Arizona photography company, A Classic Pin-Up. The photo struck a cord with KNXV-TV and other local media.  Since then, it has been circulating the web and making everyone smile.

It's just THAT adorable.

PHOTO: A Classic Pin-Up via Facebook / The Bump