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Pregnant Amber Tamblyn Wants to Change the Way We Talk About Women

This little baby already has a big advocate.
PUBLISHED ON 10/26/2016

Amber Tamblyn is expecting a baby girl, ladies and gentlemen. But this celebrity pregnancy announcement came with little fanfare or quest for attention. In fact, it was tucked into an essay Tamblyn penned about what it means to be a woman, during this election, in particular.

“I’ve been thinking about motherhood a lot lately. What it means to be one, what it means to have one, what it means to know one, what it means to make decisions as one and have conversations as one,” she writes in the piece, published by Glamour. “Motherhood has been heavily on my mind because I am going to be a mother soon. I'm pregnant, with a daughter on the way. I think constantly about the world I am bringing her into. Will I get a phone call from my daughter someday, one she never wanted to make?”

Tamblyn is referring to a phone call she recently made to her mother, opening up about a previous incident of sexual abuse. To her surprise, Tamblyn’s mother responded with her own story. No details are given, because, as Tamblyn explains, every woman has her own version.

“Go ahead and fill in the blank of my mother’s story. It’s easy, isn’t it? I was at a [], and a guy []. I was [] years old and the father of one of my friends []. I was at work and my boss []. I was walking down the street and []. I exist, therefore [] is bound to happen.”

Tamblyn’s point? Nothing should be bound to happen. But it’s up to us to change our dialogue and value our self-worth before that becomes the reality.

“How much do I have to do, as a daughter and a soon-to-be mother, to change not just the conversation about how women are seen, but the language with which conversations are spoken in?” Tamblyn asks, explaining that her grandmother brushed her mom’s experience aside with “boys will be boys.”

Tamblyn envisions “a future for my daughter where conversations about our bodies and our lives are broader than what value they have for men. A future where being a mother is less about warning our daughters about our sons and is instead lifting them up to their greatest potential.” And, as the piece goes, she says she’ll be “voting for [that] future” too.

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