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How This Mom Is Advocating for Announcing Pregnancy Early

“We have the right to choose when and with whom we share.”
PUBLISHED ON 10/23/2017

With the launch of her #IHadAMiscarriage campaign in 2014, Jessica Zucker sought to end the stigma surrounding pregnancy loss. From an Instagram account to empathy cards and t-shirts, Zucker’s been rolling out resources to encourage parents to talk about loss. And this year, the latest phase of the project is encouraging parents to announce their pregnancies whenever they please.

“This chapter is dedicated to continuing to shift the silence, stigma, and shame surrounding pregnancy and infant loss with an eye on early pregnancy,” Zucker writes on Instagram. “We zero in on the age-old notion that women should wait to share their pregnancy news until they are ‘out of the woods’ after the first trimester.”

“This recommendation/statement essentially translates into: 'Don't share your good news in case it becomes bad news so that you won't have to share the bad news,’” she continues. “We need to rethink this conceptualization of sharing our news in an effort to bolster support for women in pregnancy, no matter the outcome. In so doing, we will loosen cultures grip on grief and encourage women to share their news whenever they desire.”

Together with illustrator Kimothy Joy, Zucker is sending a message: “We have the right to choose when and with whom we share.”

PHOTO: Jessica Zucker via Instagram