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New App Allows Mom to Watch Embryos Develop After IVF

Technology is keeping parents-to-be more involved in the IVF process than ever.
PUBLISHED ON 02/24/2016

Every hopeful mother knows the excitement and anxiety of waiting for that first positive pregnancy test, wishing there was just some way they could know the exact moment baby is conceived. Luckily, for women undergoing IVF at Institut Marquès Barcelona, in Spain, there’s an app for that.

The developing app, called Embryomobile, allows parents-to-be the opportunity to see their embryos develop prior to implantation in mom’s body, using a technology called Embryoscope. The embryo incubators are equipped with a camera that streams directly to the app. As Dr. Marisa López-Teijó, head of the Assisted Reproduction Service at Institut Marquès explains, it’s a feature her patients are loving. “Patients undergoing In Vitro Fertilization cycles constantly ask themselves how their embryos may be. Its fantastic that they are now able to see it by themselves and know what is happening at every moment,” she says.

But this Embryoscope technology isn’t just for hopeful parents. It allows doctors to keep a better eye on embryos during initial cellular divisions, helping them to determine which are the most viable. And the ability to view embryos without removing them from the incubator keeps them in the best condition.

On her blog, López-Teijó explains her team has realized many patients have an intuition when it comes to their embryos.

“Dr. Angel López asserts many patients know before we do which embryos will be transferred, and come to him asking whether they were right. Curiously enough, they usually are!” she says.

Fertility and pregnancy planning has gotten more and more interactive between moms-to-be and doctors, with the creation of pregnancy and fertility apps, and this app is no exception, allowing patients to feel as if they are in the lab with their IVF doctors. And now when baby grows up and asks to see baby pictures, you can do one better, and show off those embryo photos.

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