As Seen on the TODAY Show: 5 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family (WATCH!)

ByKylie McConville
Oct 2013
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Didn’t catch us earlier on the Today Show? Don’t worry about it: We’ve got all the goodness here for your viewing pleasure. If you’re stumped on individual costumes for your partner, yourself and your kids — and not interested in having to sort through the leftovers at the Halloween store — why not make it a family-wide Halloween affair with some unique, totally crafty** DIY costumes?**

Skip the stress and take a peek at just how easy these costumes can be to make (and get details on just how to do it below). The best part? You won’t have to look outside your house for these handmade goodies (score!). See what we mean:

How to be: Family Game Night

Let everyone pick their own favorite board games and use white pillowcases as the base for your crafty design. (Just be sure to cut arm and head holes!) Draw each board on its own pillow with fabric markers (or by using paint)

For Operation : Add a red nose, attach red string to dad’s side and create a life-size pair of tweezers with some kitchen tongs!

For Twister : Make a spinner using cardboard and colored markers. Then, when the kids are asleep, use hot glue to attach the spinner to a headband that mom can wear on her head.

For Checkers : Add some dimension by cutting out cardboard checkers and gluing to the spaces on the pillowcase.

For Monopoly : Print out some fake money and glue it to the center of the pillowcase. Add black top hat to whoever is wearing the costume and give him a mustache, too, made of cotton balls.

How to be: The Four Seasons

Let everyone pick out their favorite season.

For Spring : Wear a rain coat, rain boots and carry an umbrella

For Summer : Get back into your bathing suit! Wear a bathing suit, sandals, sunglasses and a beach hat.

For Fall : Make a skirt out of black trash bags and fill it with rolled up newspaper (so it looks like it’s filled with leaves). Cinch it around the waist and tie together with twine, then gather some leaves from the backyard and glue to a long sleeve shirt. For an extra windy look, tease your hair so that it looks windblown. Add some leaves too!

For Winter : Put on all your winter gear — coat, boots, hat, gloves, scarf. Cut snowflakes out of paper and tape them all over the costume.

How to be: A Game of Tetris

Skip recycling for the next few weeks. Save cardboard boxes and use hot glue and construction paper to color the outsides. Seal up the creases using black duct tape. Once you’ve got all your materials, glue the construction paper to each box, constructing them into Tetris shapes and outline each box with the black duct tape. Extra points (and candy!) if you can fit the family pieces together!

_How to be:_The Royal Family

Who wouldn’t want to be a royal for a night? Recreate that magical day Prince George made his first official debut in the world. Mom can dress up like Kate by wearing a blue polka-dot dress and dad can transform into Will will a button down shirt, brown belt and a pair of jeans. To make a crown, use some felt and “royal” jewels. Adorn the crown by hot gluing the jewels securely on. Once it’s safe to put on baby’s head, place the crown upon the Royal Baby’s head and swaddle him. Extra points to you guys if you use the Aden & Anais swaddle that George wore on his big day!

_How to be:_A Family of Mummies

Tried, true and totally Halloween appropriate. All you need is toilet paper (a ton of it!) and some double-sided tape. Make it a family adventure by wrapping each other’s legs, arms, torso and even forehead with toilet paper that you quickly tape to hold together. To make it work, you’ve got to all really act like a mummy would: So, arms out, somber face then walk very stiff and slow!

What are you dressing as this Halloween?

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