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Aw! Restaurant Manager Comps Mommy-to-Be’s Meal Just Because

PUBLISHED ON 01/09/2013

Now here's something we can totally get behind!

Seems like lately waiters and waitresses have been getting a bad rap, mocking their customers or airing out their frustrations when it comes time to hand their patrons the bill. But this — this! — is something that should save the face of every diner and their server: A  nice, friendly, kind, why-can't-there-be-more-people-like-this-in-the-world Red Robin manager comped the meal of a very, very pregnant woman.

Though mom's name hasn't been released, here's what we know. She was out to dinner with her husband, Jason, and her 2-year-old son, sporting an overdue bump. Though the manager greeted them at the beginning of their meal, there was no special attention paid to the low-key diners. That is, until the bill came...

The manager had typed a friendly note, letting them know that the mom-to-be's entire meal had been comped.

Here's the proof:

Photo: The Consumerist / The Bump

Aw! He even wrote "MOM 2 BEE GOOD LUC." We'll even let the grammar mistakes slide because HELLO?! this man comped a pregnant woman's meal. Deep sigh of relief here people, my faith in humanity has been restored.

When interviewed by The Consumerist about the freebie meal, proud dad and daddy-to-be said, "It was a pleasant surprise and made my tired of being pregnant wife a little more cheery."

Hey daddy, we couldn't agree more. What better treat than seeing your ready-to-pop wife relax for a moment and enjoy herself?! When Red Robin caught word of the location managers random act of kindness, spokesperson Kevin Caulfield said,"These kinds of random acts of kindness in our restaurants are part of our culture." (Quick! Grab your bags! Looks like we're headed to Red Robin tonight!)

Now, if only everyone could adopt this type of pay-it-forward mentality and make another pregnant woman's day by doing something genuinely nice — wouldn't that be something? (Go! Start doing nice things!)

Doesn't this make you proud?

PHOTO: Thinkstock / The Bump