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Baby Dies After 2-Year-Old Brother Climbs Into His Crib

This tragedy probably wasn't preventable. But there's still safety tips to take away from it.
PUBLISHED ON 12/06/2017

A 6-month-old baby from Houston, TX, was found dead in his crib after his 2-year-old brother climbed in with him. This story is heartbreaking, period. And it's unfair to say it was preventable; toddlers are capable of some pretty amazing feats when they put their minds to it. But there are a few safety tips that parents should keep in mind in light of this tragedy. And that's what we're sharing today.

While the boys sharing a room may have been a practical matter, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises babies should sleep in the same room (but not in the same bed) as a parent for six months and ideally up to a year. This can reduce SIDS risk by up to 50 percent, partially because it can facilitate better monitoring.

For any young children who share a room, it's important to be able to monitor both of their sleeping areas. This requires a dual view monitor, in which multiple cameras can be hooked up to a single parent viewing monitor, which simultaneously streams video from each camera. Some monitors, like the Summer Infant Wide View 2.0 DUO, actually come with two cameras to start. Others, like the Project Nursery High Definition Baby Monitor System, allow you to buy additional cameras and pair up to four, viewing your screen in quad view mode.

But you can't be watching your kids all the time. We don't know all the circumstances surrounding this tragedy, and will report more when and if they become available.