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6 Brands That Are Completely Overhauling the Baby Food Industry

Taking control of your child's nutrition is a trend we're on board with.
PUBLISHED ON 04/13/2017

By now, you may have seen headlines about an innovative new baby food company that’s aiming to disrupt the industry. The food will be fresh. The meals will be delivered. But the competition will be stiff.

Perhaps because it drew the backing of Tinder co-founders, Little Spoon has also drawn a lot of media buzz. And it looks great! Available in the New York City area, Little Spoon allows you to choose a plan tailored to the nutritional needs of your baby, and it delivers homemade food to your door every other week. But it’s part of a much larger trend. Within the last year, we’ve seen a surge in baby food companies looking to bring something new to the table. Here’s who we have on our radar.

1. Nurture Life

Available in major cities in the midwest and east coast, this organic ready-to-eat meal service is delivered to your home on a weekly basis. Meal plans can be adjusted based on a child's age and nutritional needs, and can start as young as 6 months.

2. Nurturie

New to New York City, Nurturie offers creative, ultra-nutritious recipes for infants, toddlers and kids. Rather than subscribe, order what you need from the weekly-changing menu, whether it’s a one-off meal or dinner to last through the week. Only the infant purées come frozen; everything else is fresh.

3. Barely + Oats

Another New York City weekly meal delivery program, Barley + Oats differentiates itself by providing food for moms. All meals are organic and designed to support both you health and baby; nutrients are optimized for both pregnancy and lactation health.

4. Pure Spoon

Only in the market for purées right now? Pure Spoon has you covered. Their organic, hand-made recipes are pasteurized using technology called High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP), meaning there’s no high heat (or chemicals) involved to deplete nutrients or flavor. While the purées are available at several chains, a subscription will earn you a discount on packs of 10, 22 or 22.

5. Yumi

Another health meal delivery service for babies and toddlers, coming soon.

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