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‘Baby Genius’ Build His Own Escape From Bed

PUBLISHED ON 02/02/2016

On the heels of yesterday's IKEA bed hack, we have yet another bed hack to share. But this one skews a bit younger. And, apparently, is indicative of genius.

Watch this resourceful baby navigate his way down from a bed after realizing he can't reach the floor. One at a time, he drags three pillows over, plopping them on the ground to serve as steps. But this little guy knows better than to just execute his dismount, testing out the situation first by tossing his pacifier down onto the pillows.

What do you think? Future engineer? Dad, who proudly uploaded the video to YouTube, seems to think so, titling the video "My Son The Genius."

It's all fun and games for now, but we're weary of the day this kid plans his escape from future time outs. On the plus side, however, this could make a killer application video for MIT.

PHOTO: Getty Images