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Baby Name Inspiration From The ‘80s (Yes Really!)

PUBLISHED ON 08/20/2012

The 1980’s. A time when jazzercise ruled the gym and women crimped their hair to be cool. It was also a decade filled with films that have since become either classics or cult favorites. Inspired by the best films of the day, these names will make your baby an unofficial child of the ‘80s.

Andie (Pretty in Pink)

Molly Ringwald portrayed many angst-ridden teens during the ‘80s. But we would want to name our daughter after Andie Walsh, the broke girl who rocked bubblegum pink dress at prom. Sure she wasn’t the most popular, but she was the most stylish!

Marty (Back to the Future)

Want baby to learn what like was like before he came along? Maybe he’ll take after his namesake, Marty McFly, and travel back in time. You will, however, have to break your rules and let him hang out with the crazy neighbor.

Frances (Dirty Dancing)

Don’t put this baby in a corner! Frances Houseman (aka Baby) was the most independent character to come out of the ‘80s. Yes, she will defy you and date her bad boy dance instructor, but don’t all girls go through that phase?

Ren (Footloose)

Like Ren McCormack, your son may want to dance all day, every day.  He’ll also want to fight for causes he believes in. Let’s just hope he aspires to do more than bringing back the beat.

Adrian / Adrienne (Rocky)

With a big heart and blunt attitude, your daughter Adrian will be able to tame the baddest of bad boys. But for your sake, we hope she winds up with an accountant and not a boxer.

Ferris (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

Cons to naming your son after Ferris Bueller: he’ll trick you into thinking he’s sick, skip school, and crash a red convertible. Pros: he’ll know how to twist and shout!

Sally (When Harry Met Sally)

While Sally Albright was a bit of a control freak, she was also a cheerful person who always looked on the bright side. Who wouldn’t want those traits in a little girl? Just keep her away from diners.

Jake (16 Candles)

When women wanted to define the perfect man, they pointed to Jake Ryan.  He was sweet, sensitive, and super cute. And he never misses a girl’s birthday! Hopefully your son will live up to these high expectations.

Leia (Star Wars)

Appease your Star Wars loving husband and name your daughter after the Princess of Alderaan. Besides, she’ll look so cute with buns in her hair!

Lloyd (Say Anything)

Lloyd Dobler perfectly balanced his bad boy and good guy persona; boxing during the day and dating the valedictorian at night. But if your son eventually pursues a girl Dobbler style, let him borrow your iPod.

Who was your favorite character from the 1980s?

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