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Sarah Yang

Baby Names Inspired By True Blood

PUBLISHED ON 06/11/2012

Did you catch the season premiere of True Blood last night? It looks like this season's going to be very exciting filled with lots of vampires (of course), sex and hunky shirtless men (as usual!). Honestly, we can't wait to see how they deal with Anna Paquin's pregnancy. The actress and her husband and co-star Stephen Moyer announced that they were expecting a child this fall in April. And no, there won't be another half-vampire, half-human baby (I think Edward and Bella's baby in Breaking Dawn is enough) on the fifth season. Producers on the show have said that they're working on hiding Anna's baby bump, especially since she's due right before they start filming the sixth season.

In honor of True Blood's fifth season, check out these baby names inspired by the characters on the show. Anyone want to name their kid Sookie?

True Blood-Inspired Baby Girl Names: Sookie, Tara, Jessica, Pam, Lorena, Adele (Sookie's gran!)

True Blood-Inspired Baby Boy Names: Bill, Eric, Sam, Jason, Alcide, Lafayette

Are you a True Blood fan? Would you ever name your kid after a True Blood character?