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Anisa Arsenault
Associate Editor

Baby Teddy’s Time Lapse Video Keeps Family In Touch

PUBLISHED ON 02/05/2015

They may live on opposite coasts, but the Bookman family didn't let that stop them from experiencing all of baby Teddy's first-year milestones together.

Teddy's parents Matt and Amelia live in the L.A. area. Matt's father, Mark, lives in Pittsburgh. They FaceTime almost everyday, but Matt came up with a more comprehensive — and artistic — way to share Teddy's development with Grandpa. He created a time lapse video of Teddy's first year, including snippets from every view weeks. In just two minutes, we see a wide-eyed newborn become a giggling infant hitting milestones like rolling over, self-feeding and walking. There's even a few adorable sneezes thrown in for good measure.

Matt, a professional photographer, is typically busy doing all the photography and video work for Amelia's website, Bon Appétempt. (Check it out; she tackles intense gourmet recipes with her self-declared "novice" skill set and "average-at-best" cooking tools. Her book came out this week!) So Teddy's video was an extension of that.

"We post weekly and also do a  web series. Once Teddy was born, he naturally became a big part of all of that," Matt tells The Bump. "Occasionally, photos or little video bits from the 'Teddy Ages 0-1' shoots would end up in weekly posts or episodes of our show. But   I think sharing Teddy's growth and milestones with our families (who are both on the east coast) had a lot to do with the project at the beginning."

"I also think that Teddy himself inspired it," adds Amelia. "He's our first baby, and  I think we were both surprised by our immediate intense love for him and how amazing babies are in general. The buzz phrase around our house is and has been for the past year: Babies are miracles!"

Do the proud parents have a favorite moment from the montage? Absolutely.

"Mostly I just really like seeing how much he's changed over the past 12 months and how his personality has developed," says Matt. "If I had to pick a milestone it might be when he started to spin at 11 months. That was really hilarious to watch. It's kind of his way of dancing. He does it until he gets super dizzy and falls down."

And for mom? A classic choice: baby's first steps. "It's clichéd, I know, but when he took his first steps, I felt so proud and oddly victorious," Amelia says. "It was better than watching Olympic gymnastics. (I'm fairly obsessed with the sport.)"

Grandpa offers a third favorite moment, the Cheerio eating. And even though he's a four-time grandparent, he says there's something unique about Teddy's demeanor. "We just love his smile. We have four grandchildren and they’re equally great, but he's just so smiley!"

If you're thinking about creating your own time lapse video, this family advises keeping one thing in mind: have fun with it. "Worst case scenario: you'll have some random but probably worthwhile footage of your baby," says Amelia.

Stay tuned for Teddy's next montage, "Teddy Ages 1-2," due out next year.