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Banished To A Bathroom Stall To Breastfeed: Can You Relate?

PUBLISHED ON 07/09/2013

One very clever mama has found a way to fend off all the negative attention breastfeeding moms get. In a three-and-a-half minute spoken word poem called "Embarrassed", British artist Hollie McNish let her haters have it when the mama decided to vent on camera about feeling self-conscious for nursing her baby in public.

Written from the very bathroom stall where that she was felt "banished" to in order to feed her daughter, McNish recounts how friends and family members were also publicly humiliated for nursing their children out in the open. She also shares that it took her over 8 weeks to gain the confidence to leave home with baby and head into town.

Watch her video, here:

Do you think that many breastfeeding mothers can relate to how Hollie feels?