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Empowering Campaign Wants Struggling New Moms to Know They're Not Alone

Because the support for little things can make a big difference.
PUBLISHED ON 10/10/2018

Maternal mental health isn’t discussed nearly as much as it should be. Mama Mio wants to change that.

In honor of World Mental Health Day, the skincare brand launched its Behind the Bump campaign, teaming up with a bunch of super-star women to talk about their experiences as new moms. The goal is to get others to engage in compassionate conversations around maternal mental health to wipe away the stigma for struggling moms.

"I remember sitting back and saying to my husband, ‘I have everything that I could possibly want here, I have you my loving husband, I have this perfect baby, my family are here,' but all I wanted to do was go on a walk with the dog and cry. I remember feeling really sad about that and not wanting to talk to anyone about it,” Rachel Adedeji shares.

Adefdeji and the three other fabulous ladies a part of this movement—Jess, Lauren and Maria—dive deeper into these feelings in the campaign’s video.

Part of the struggle for new moms is discovering how to access the resources they need, which is why the US Preventive Services Task Force recently called on doctors to screen pregnant women and new moms to identify those who are at risk for becoming depressed. From there, they can be appropritely treated before they show signs for depression.

The campaign also calls out a few great apps and services to offer support, whether that may be by identifying maternal depression warning signs or simply by finding someone to talk to and understand you. Something as simple as Peanut, an app where women meet as moms, but connect as friends, can go a long way. It provides women a platform to collaborate and learn from each other.

Most importantly, if you think you have any of the symptoms of maternal depression, visit your doctor. She’ll be able to refer you to groups, services and individuals who are qualified to help.

And remember, you are not alone.