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Beverley Mitchell Is Pregnant With Her First Child

PUBLISHED ON 11/05/2012

This morning, Beverley Mitchell, star of the Secret Life of the American Teenager _(if you're nostalgic like, us, you probably also know her from 7th Heaven_) announced that she is expecting her first child in April.

She explains her first signs of pregnancy: "My sense of smell was off the charts, to the point where I could smell a kid’s dirty diaper from the other side of a restaurant," Beverley tells People magazine. Eventually she went to the doctor, who told her the good news. Still, Beverley was hesitant to believe the results.

"I was like, 'No, it can’t be that,'" the star says."I took seven pregnancy tests. I went to the doctor and had two more tests and they were like, 'Bev, usually when the first one comes out positive, the rest of them will all say the same thing.'"

Beverley and her husband, accountant Michael Cameron, celebrated the news with a trip to Ravello, Italy, where the couple wed in 2008. While there, they also attended the wedding of Beverley's former co-star and friend, Jessica Biel. But Beverley made sure she didn't spill the news until after the nuptials.

"Jess was one of the first to know [the baby news]. I started crying," Beverley says. "It was really exciting to share that with Auntie Jess."

Congrats to Beverley and her husband on the amazing news — they must be in heaven (sorry, we couldn't resist)!

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