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Blackhawks Babies Take Over Stanley Cup

PUBLISHED ON 06/16/2015

For the Chicago Blackhawks, the Stanley Cup is a symbol of last night's victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning. But for 2-week-old Jaxson James, its just another place to sleep.

Following his team's Game Six win, the Blackhawks's Kris Versteeg placed his new baby boy in the Stanley Cup. Tiny baby. Huge trophy. It's adorable.

Does the fact that he attended a major league championship at just two weeks old — wearing noise-cancelling headphones and all — make Jaxson a bigger fan than Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood's hockey baby?

It's up for debate. Either way, Jaxson wasn't the only baby to get in on the Stanley Cup cradle action. Andrew Desjardins's son Ames also got cozy in the Cup.

Future MVPs? They have our vote.

PHOTO: Twitter