One Blogger's Ode to Dad Bods—You on Board?

Another reason to celebrate this Sunday.
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June 17, 2016

This Father’s Day, blogger Katie Sturino is celebrating that special role all husky dads play…in catching her eye.

“Now some of you might be grossed out by my love for a hairy, chubby, sweaty man,” begins the founder of in a video for Glamour. “But I’m here to tell you that the dad bod is the way to go.”

Sturino goes so far as to call the late James Gandolfini her dream man. “I mean honestly, who wants to wake up next to a six-pack anyways?” Sturino asks. “I know they’re going to judge me for eating an extra scoop of ice cream. Or like, any ice cream at all.”

She goes on to lament the loss of notable dad bods to the gym such as Chris Pratt and Jason Segel, while praising celebs who haven’t bowed to unrealistic Hollywood standards. After all, Questlove is “every fashion girl’s favorite teddy bear,” and then there’s “DadBod Leo.” Enough said.

“Return your girlfriend’s skinny jeans, get off the treadmill, and relax,” ends Sturino in what sounds like a Father’s Day PSA. “A dad bod is squishy, comfy, and, best of all, attainable.”

This isn’t the first time dad bods have entered the cultural conversation. In response to Mattel’s release of new body shapes for Barbie, fashion ecommerce site Lyst launched a line of body-positive Ken dolls that included DadBod Ken in February.

We’re all for giving dads an excuse to kick back with a beer this Sunday, but we’re still waiting on more media appreciation for mom bodsstretch marks and all.

Watch this video on The Scene.

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