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Boston Police Officer Stops To Help A Small Child In The Sweetest Way

PUBLISHED ON 04/22/2013

There's nothing more heartening to read, see and hear in the face of tragedy than all of the generous acts of kindness Bostonians (and people all over the world) have been sharing with each other in the midst of the Boston Marathon bombing.

While the cowardly crime shook us to the core and filled us with sadness, we managed, like we always do, to find the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Just as important as the why's, the how's and the how come's we desperately seek from the suspects who committed the crimes, the sweet helping hands, the generous messages and the acts of humanity help to restore so much of our faith in the goodness of mankind. It will always be true — good will always, always conquer evil. And what we're about to share with you is absolute proof.

On Friday, amidst a citywide lock-down, a Boston police officer delivered milk to a thirsty family in need. While there's no exact confirmation of the police officer's name or the ages of the children he was delivering the milk to, this much we know — the policeman stopped what he was doing to offer a different kind of protection. The cop, a member of the Brookline Police Department, carried two gallons of milk to the door of a family with young children. They'd run out and needed more.

Plain and simple: how uplifting it is to see people helping one another. How awesome!

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PHOTO: Photo Courtesy of the Boston Police Department