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Adorable Boy Dresses as a Police Officer, Hands Out Kindness Tickets to Elderly

“If they smiled, it made me smile.”
PUBLISHED ON 09/21/2018

“Mom, do you know what made me happy? At the nursing home, if they smiled, it made me smile.”

Oliver Davis is stealing hearts with his adorable look and heart of gold. The young boy suited up in his police officer uniform, and headed to a nursing home to spread some love to those who could use it.

The little police officer was on duty... handing out flowers and sweet tickets (he is a police officer, after all!) to all 500 residents in the nursing home. While distributing the tickets was no easy feat, it was nothing compared to the process of handwriting each note.

“Oliver signs each and every ticket he hands out. This is a lot for a 7-year-old... We have a busy day today handing out flowers and tickets,” reads the caption on the Davis family’s shared Facebook page.

As he cruises around the nursing home in his police car, the little boy is on a mission to spread kindness. The video captures sweet moments between Oliver and the nursing home residents, where his presence instantly brings smiles to their faces. The 7-year-old is seen hugging and kissing the elderly residents, and even hands out flowers to brighten their day.

The Facebook video has been viewed more than 13,000 times, and a bunch have left comments to give Oliver a virtual pat on the back.

“Thank you, Oliver, for coming and surrounding our residents with your love! You are such a wonderful kid,” says a nursing home worker.

“If you have never been in a facility like this, you have no idea how beautiful this is to see this little man give his love to those residents. Some never ever have visitors. This just tears at my heart. God’s grace is running through this special boy,” reads a sweet note.

Another message praises Oliver’s parents for raising such a kind-hearted boy. “It takes special parents to raise such a loving, kind and gentle soul, so kudos to you. What a great job you have done. It restores my faith! Keep up the good work”

Random acts of kindness can make a world of a difference. If you ever have the chance to teach your kids to pay it forward, don’t miss out on the rewarding experience.

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