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‘Breastfeeding Goddesses’ Take to the Streets Of Chicago

PUBLISHED ON 09/16/2015

Talk about traffic-stopping. Dressing up for the occasion, a group of moms took to a busy Chicago street for the ultimate breastfeeding photo shoot.

The gorgeous photo is the handiwork of Ivette Ivens, the same photographer that brought us the glamorous  Breastfeeding Goddesses images. This new photo will be included in the Breastfeeding Goddesses book, available in November.

Wondering how these awesome ladies pulled this off? (Or wondering if they relied on some creative Photoshop work?) Nope, that's definitely not a green screen. Ivens shared a video of the shoot going down.

We've loved watching Ivens's breastfeeding photography evolve. In spite of the fantastical element in each of the photos, her aim was to normalize breastfeeding.

“I want people to look at it as if it was a cat nursing her baby kittens. Or any other mammal, if you’re not a cat person,” she told the  Huffington Post. “Forget the covering up, nursing in a public bathroom, age restrictions. It’s between a mother and her child.”

And now it's so much more than that. It's between a mother and her child and the drivers in rush-hour traffic. It's a public affair, and a public affair to be proud of.

PHOTO: Ivette Ivens Photography