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Breastfeeding Questions? There’s an App For That

PUBLISHED ON 08/08/2014

It's 2 a.m. and your baby just isn't latching on. What are you supposed to do? In a perfect world, you'd have a live-in lactation consultant. In a really perfect world, dad would be able to nurse too. But the next best thing is actually at your fingertips.

The Breastfeeding Central app is a no-frills, well-organized, information-packed app that pretty much serves as a mobile IBCLC. With apps to track your period, ovulation, play piano, and find a bathroom, it's about time that an exclusive breastfeeding guide made its way into the App Store. And just in time for Breastfeeding Awareness Month! 

The home screen presents you with six topics tailored to different stages of breastfeeding: preparation for breastfeeding, getting started in the hospital, early days at home, common difficulties, the first six months and returning to work. Each topic breaks down into a bunch of more specific subcategories. And they've covered everything. Worried you milk supply is too low? Navigate to "Low Milk Supply" from the "Common Difficulties" tab. Splitting your milk between twins, or wondering if nursing is different for preemies? That's under "Getting Started In The Hospital."

Most topics are brief — typically between one and three paragraphs long — and the information gets right to the point. Perfect for when you need an immediate answer, but if you want a full WebMD-style synopsis, you might want to do some more research, or actually chat with a lactation consultant. Breastfeeding Central makes that possible too; the app includes listings of IBCLCs by location.

Like we said, it's a no-frills app. You'll get plenty of clear advice, but don't expect pretty graphics or pictures. You can download the app for your iPhone or iPad for $3.99 in the App Store.

What resources do you turn to for breastfeeding help? 

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