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profile picture of Elena Donovan Mauer
Elena Donovan Mauer
Contributing Writer

Bree Turner’s Versatile (and Comfy!) Maternity Dress

PUBLISHED ON 07/18/2012

How adorable of a pregnant woman is Grimm actress Bree Turner? Recently, she showed up to a Comic-Con International: San Diego event wearing an adorable short-sleeved blue maternity dress that looks just as comfy as it is flattering (ruching is fabulous for a growing belly!). We love this look because it can easily go from work-day to date-night. Want to know where you can find it?

The Ruched T-Shirt Dress, is available at IsabellaOliver.com — and it's now on sale for $95!

PHOTO: Photos: Laremix.com / Courtesy of the manufacturer